Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daybook!! (I know it isn't Monday)

Outside My Window...Winter has well and truly settled in around here. Grey skies, bare trees, green grass...the backyard is scattered with very wet and neglected children's furniture and my driveway is a quagmire.

I am thinking...how stupid I am for not checking my appointments closer...It's embarrassing turning up to an appointment when you don't have one!

I am thankful for...An abatement in morning sickness. Which means slightly less exhausted and sometimes not feeling nauseous. Having said that however, I did throw up last night...will it ever end?

From the kitchen...Ugh mess...don't even want to contemplate it.

I am wearing...Maternity pants already...just too uncomfortable in anything else.

I am creating...Still working on that "girls" room. The wall is painted. It's purple...it was supposed to be pink. Obviously my colour sense isn't working either. I have a sticker to go up, just waiting for the paint to cure a bit more...might even do that later today.

I am going...To drag the girls up to Spotlight later...C needs a single bed doona and doona cover.

I am reading...Umm! Just what I'm writing now.

I am hoping...I can get through this week without having a nervous breakdown. Mr Pixies is working his day off Wednesday so he can go to a tournament all weekend. So he's basically 9 to 5:30 from yesterday until next Wednesday. Not to mention the cricket grand final that he had last night. Fun fun fun!

I am hearing...Mummy. Over and over and over again like a broken record.

Around the house...The cat litter is screaming to be changed...I can't do it obviously!! The stench obviously isn't affecting the male of the house as much as it is me. Subtle hints are no longer enough...It will be changed tonight! 

One of my favourite things...Certainly not daughter number one telling complete strangers our full names and address. Even though everyone seems to think this is the cutest thing ever!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Sleep, eat, shower, change nappies, prepare meals, function.

A photo to share...


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