Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been on dial-up speed for a week now...just another 4 days before it goes back to normal, but it feels interminable.

It is taking forever just to do this post :(

So forgive me if I haven't blogged in a while...and obviously there will be no new photos on here until my internet is back.

I am struggling to get any decent photos of the almost 14 month old (where has the time gone...sigh). Her hair is in her eyes or she has food all over her face or she's been eating dirt. In fact, she's been walking for near on 3 months now and I don't have a decent photo of her walking. What is going on? I'm not really loving my camera and editing at the's become a bit of a chore...where has the joy gone?

I haven't done any crafting since Christmas either and am desperate to get back into it, but my sewing room is such a disaster...Mr Pixies christmas present to me was a "promise to help clean the room out to set it up for crafting" but so far not much movement on that front.

Oh well!!

I hope everyone had a brilliant Australia Day...and I will be back after the 1st of Feb...hopefully with some renewed optimism and some photos.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Miss Independant

What happens when you let your 13 month old feed herself, because there is no other way to get her to eat...

Alot of mess, followed by a lovely mum and bub shower.

What happens when your big sister leaves a texta lying around without a lid on it???

you eat it of course!!!!

and when I say "eat it" I mean she bites the end off the texta completely and rolls it around in her mouth, and probably swallows it. I really don't know!!

This is NOT an isolated incident.

Texta may have to be banned in our house until further notice, or until Miss 3.5 listens to me when I ask her  to not do something! (like leave the lids off).

So quite possibly forever!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I have nothing done

I obviously jinxed it by blogging about it...our bedtime was a disaster last night.

This little munchkin...doing her best I am EVIL impression...

decided that it was only nap time when in fact it was bedtime. After just 30 minutes she woke up grumpy, and as usual I gave her the boob to get her back to sleep, but after 20 minutes I was fed up with her banging her legs on the bed, and fidgeting like a tiny she devil. I detached her, she sat up and said "Dadda" GRRRRRR!!!!!! It was at that precise moment that I knew it was futile.
How does she know that it's Friday night and I want to do stuff while Mr Pixies is out doing his own thing????
How can a half hour sleep revive her that much???
She was like the energizer bunny on speed!! She ran around the house yelling at the top of her voice, pushing the toy vacuum around and just being a general terror.
The problem is, she's too cute...she makes me laugh...I can't stay mad at her.

But she was up from 9ish until 1am...yes ONE in the morning.
I tried repeatedly to get her to sleep. I tried at 10, I tried at 11, there was just absolutely no hope.
I wouldn't have minded so much if it had been possibe to actually do something...perhaps a bit of cleaning, or sewing (which I haven't managed to do since I finished all my Christmas projects).
I couldn't even peruse all those wonderful blogs I follow...God forbid I go near the computer...unless I want a tiny bunny trying to climb me and put her hands in my face and pull my hair, I have learned to stay away.

I guess on the plus side, it was nice to spend some time with just her...
Maybe 2010 can be my year of trying to find the positive in every situation!!! yeah right, I'm sure that attitude will last. Where is the positive in a 1 year old screaming because her 3 year old sister pushed her over???
I'd best go deal with that situation now!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bedtime Rituals

In 2010 I am trying to take pleasure in the small with this in mind I thought I would document our bedtime ritual.

The girls know the routine...we've been doing it for quite some time now.

They both LOVE bathtime, as you can probably tell from the wrinkly old prune toes there. The biggest JOY for them both, however, is that after they have had a bath and are dressed in their pj's they get to go outside. The look of absolute delight on Miss C's face when we open the front door is amazing...she literally runs to get outside. They love sitting on the fence and waving to people in their cars...not many people wave back, but when someone does Miss S just beams. Then it's inside where Dadda reads S a story and tucks her in and I feed C in our bed and she drifts off to sleep.

It's a really nice end to a usually hectic day...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Did I Miss These

The daisy chain may be made from weeds, but she makes them look spectacular...My sweet baby is a baby no longer.
I found these photos unedited just sitting in the "to edit" folder from way back at the start of November.
How could I have neglected to edit them???

My Darling 3 and a half year old...
You are the light of my life...
My always questioning, forever curious, chatterbox...
You throw the most spectacular, mind blowing, gut wrenching tantrums...
You don't ever give in easily, your stubborness astounds me...
You can be so patient at times, and a huge help to me...
but when it comes to sharing you are an absolute terror...

and as I look forward to your future, I hope that these will become good character traits, that your single mindedness and your tenacity will make you a force to be reckoned with.
I wish for your future to be bright, happy, full of love.
I don't ever want you to feel that you can't achieve anything you set out to.

It isn't all roses and sunshine with you are absolutely hard work.
Some days are better than others.
The terrible 2's that everyone talks about where never an issue for's the torturous 3's...
I hope that I am doing the best that I can as your mother, and that you will grow into a strong and caring person.

I love you with all of my heart and then some.
Stay Beautiful.