Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shifting Focus

Now that Christmas is done and dusted

Pack a bag for Hospital
Wash tiny blue clothes
Make cradle sheets
Move cradle into our bedroom
Take time out every day to focus on this final pregnancy
Get as much rest as possible
Think about what he will look like
Look forward to meeting our newest member

Enjoy the last few weeks

A HUGE thankyou to Celeste for taking our family photos...I love them.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I never would have imagined that I would be sitting here at 8:40am waiting for my girls to wake up so we can unwrap Christmas presents...the temptation is of course to go and wake them, but we have some long days ahead of us. I can wait...and listen to my new iPod while I'm waiting :)

Hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
I plan to enjoy spending time with my little family before it gains another member.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas Presents

How fantastic are these pencils!

The two pixies were spoilt by our good friend Jake with an early christmas present of pencils...these travelled all the way from South America in his suitcase.
The girls LOVE them...and so do I (I may just have to appropriate them for myself).

We are really trying to get into the Christmas doesn't seem to be working however.
The girls keep re-decorating the Christmas Tree. The ornaments disappear from the tree, only to found in their bedroom. The only ones left on the tree are the breakables, which I put out of their reach.

I have so much still to do...Little things to make, gingerbread men to bake.

I would really like to be focusing on the last few weeks of this pregnancy (which will be my last). I guess it doesn't pay to conceive in April. We had a nice little family portrait session with Celeste on Wednesday to capture the gigantic belly. I really love the photos that I have seen so far. It did freak me out a little when I read her post title 4 + 1 = 5...I've spent so much time focusing on everything else that I think I've forgotten about having this baby at the end of it all. Nervous...excited...uncomfortable...disorganised.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I just paid $40 for...

photos of S from Kinder.
So so so disappointed.
(and considering our lack of funds and the moment, annoyed as well).

My thinking was "It's a once in a lifetime thing...and she'll never be in 3 year old Kinder I SHOULD really buy them regardless of how they look. I got them home and put them on the computer and felt SO ripped off.
11 photos, none of which she is actually looking at the camera, all taken using on camera flash. You can't necessarily identify them as being specific to Kinder either...she could be anywhere really.

On a nicer note...we had a little Christmas Party for the last day of Kinder last Friday and the kids put on a bit of a concert and we all had morning tea together

...and Santa visited.

Very exciting for the kiddos. Even C thought Santa was okay. She looks a little weirded out in the photo...but she went willingly. They both received a book which they were very happy about. My girls LOVE books.

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. 3 year old Kinder is over...on to 4 year old Kinder next year. I wonder how she will cope with going from only 2 and a half hours once a week to 10 hours spread over 3 days?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I can't believe...

She's 2

This year especially has flown by...

We had a little family get together to celebrate...Pizza and cake...

Happy Birthday Tiny Pixie...Mummy loves you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

This Does Not A Merry Christmas Make...

So Mr Pixies had a little accident last week!! He's fine. The car is not.
I am truly thankful that it is still driveable, thanks to the lovely addition of 100 mile an hour tape (put on by a heavily pregnant me...with much grunting and puffing). We can't get in to the insurance to have it assessed until the 8th of December, which means it's highly unlikely to be repaired before the New Year. I have this overwhelming feeling that I will go into labour while we are carless. Note to self!! Take out the extra insurance to get a hire car.
So this means, because Mr Pixies was at fault (unfortunately sliding on a wet road into a roundabout and into the path of another car) we are down $450. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Looks like we will be scaling back our Christmas present list.

Why on earth do these things happen before Christmas?
Why do all the utility companies insist on sending bills that are all due in the 2 weeks before Christmas?
Why does my dentist tell me I need a filling...another $200.
It's a conspiracy I'm sure!!
At least the insurance company are nice enough to allow us to pay the excess after the car is repaired.

Hope you are having a better week than I am!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad Blogger

This blog has been so neglected in the past 8 months or, and not necessarily because I don't have anything to share, but just because other things have been taking my naps and housework avoidance...which is where I sit down and look at everything that needs to be done and then don't do it.

I have been counting down to different things since May...Metallica concert, C's 2nd Birthday, Christmas, I think it is all serious denial about baby number 3 arriving.

Two weekends ago we were struck down by the dreaded gastro...S had it Saturday night, this is her on Sunday afternoon catching up on some much needed sleep...if only this would happen more often (NOT the gastro, of course...the nap). Then Mr Pixies was up ALL night Sunday and C started throwing up early Monday morning. I managed to avoid the worst of it, although I spent a good 3 hours at the hospital hooked up to CTG machine after vomiting and having abdo pain. Baby is fine...Mummy may have been a little hungry after avoiding food in the fear that it would inevitably be coming up again. Feel a bit silly really.

So thankful that it didn't strike this weekend...We have been waiting 6 months to see Metallica in concert. Being 32 weeks pregnant certainly wasn't going to stop me from going...gastro and early labour may well have though.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Metallicas final show on their 2 and a half year Death Magnetic tour. Our hotel was only a 10 minute walk from the venue and the weather was perfect. Sadly it was no SLR cameras in the venue...but below are a couple of shots from our balcony, on the 9th floor.

I stood for just over 2 hours (with my shoes off)...we were way up in the stands but we still had a fantastic view and the sound was amazing...could have done without the 2 support acts....definitely not my cup of tea (Baroness sludge metal followed by Lamb of God groove metal, neither of which I could understand a word of).  James promised that it wouldn't be their last concert I live in hope that I will see them again (as a non pregnant 40 something) the baby slept through most of the concert, only waking up for the last half hour and the walk back to the hotel, turning some very painful somersaults that stopped me in my tracks at times. 
The two pixies spent the night at their Gran and Grumbles...first sleepover since last December. All went well with them.

Now begins the countdown to this ones 2nd 15 days. I have nothing organised, no birthday presents bought or made. Better get my butt into gear.

Same goes for Christmas...I am starting to get very nervous with the appearance of Christmas decorations.

Just a little update of our goings on...hopefully I will blog again before this baby is due...8 weeks and counting.

Friday, November 5, 2010

At Last...

I have achieved something...
I have had a serious case of the "can't be bothered's" for the past few weeks.
I am feeling fat and heavy and oh so tired. On top of that I have had a cold for 2 weeks. Feeling bleugh!!
So it was nice to actually finish something on my "to do" list.
Granted, finishing this Warhol dress (using a tutorial from Made) has barely made even a 1% dent in what I need to get done in the next few weeks...but it was fun and it looks cute on Miss C. I did use the small size, for a 6 to 12 month old...eek!! will this kid ever grow (as you can see, it is a little tight around the arm). She will be 2 in a few short weeks.

Anyway, the to do list just keeps on growing and growing. It includes cleaning, gardening, sewing, renovating, rearranging furniture, painting furniture, photo shoots...It's just overwhelming.
Where is the nesting instinct? All I want to do is lay down and have a nice long sleep.

Enough complaining...I just need to get into gear for the next 10 weeks and prepare for arrival of our sweet bub, who I'm sure would prefer to enter a household of relative calm rather than chaos (which is where we are about now).

So, here's to achievements...may there be many in the next few weeks!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Punks

I've been feeling a little stressed out and down lately, for reasons I don't want to go into here...Lets just say it hasn't been all sunshine and roses around these parts lately.

At least these little punks can make me smile.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For my angel...It has been 3 years and you remain ever present in my thoughts.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Over and Over and Over again

How many times can one watch Madagascar the movie??? end to end to end for two days apparently. 
We bought this to appease the 4 year old on a recent day trip and I don't believe it has had much of a break from the DVD player since.
Granted she doesn't sit in front of it the whole time it is playing (because that would make me a TERRIBLE mother!!!), but she leaves it going and then comes back to it and wants to start it all over again.

The thing is...I set up the little TV in my sewing room for the pixies when the first AFL Grand Final was on in the hope that I would get to watch it in peace and sort of worked.

However, I now feel like I have lost my sewing room to 2 small destructive wonders...I need to check constantly to make sure they aren't stabbing each other with pins or unrolling all of my heat n bond and freezer paper, or tipping water on the floor. Which is precisely what they are doing now!! grrr.

Solution?? Bigger house! Unfortunately there's the little problem of lack of funds. So we manage.

Only 13 or so weeks now until four will become five.
The bathroom will be renovated and the laundry and toilet replastered...and the garden resurrected...because I want to move in about 2 or 3 years.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the absence...

of anything interesting to say, I have been messing around with the look of my blog...
I think I have blogger block...Is that even possible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who is this grown up girl??

with the cheeky smirk?

At almost 22 months old she is...
Sleeping in a big bed in a bedroom shared with her sister.
Sleeping through most nights.
Still wanting a breastfeed to get off to sleep *sigh*.
Learning new words every day.
Mastering the uber tantrum...the foot stomping, squealing, throw oneself on the floor variety.
Asserting her independence at every opportunity.
Not having a daytime nap *again...sigh*
Saying cheezels every time I come near her with the camera (which has been rare, but becoming more frequent lately).
Still wearing some size O clothes, but mostly size 1 (nowhere near a size 2 though).
Asking to use the potty, and to sit on the big toilet.
Has used the potty for ones and two's.
Is very cuddly (which I love...adore).
 And her hair is long enough to put in a ponytail.


Friday, September 17, 2010


they're here.

Still so long to wait though.

I can't believe I bought these tickets back in May...just days after I found out I was pregnant with Pixie Number 3.
I was so annoyed that I didn't get tickets closer to the stage, but now I'm kind of glad...imagine being 32 weeks pregnant in the pit!! and having to stand up for hours! and being jostled constantly.
I guess this baby will come out either loving or hating Metallica.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a...

very naughty, wriggly little baby.

I have been for a repeat scan this morning because this little one refused to stay still long enough to show us the chambers of it's heart...way to stress out mummy.

The midwife wanted me to wait 4 weeks for another scan, no way could I do after some hysterical crying and pleading I was given the okay to have one sooner (there was only a week between them).

A much better behaved baby, and a more focused and very thorough ultrasound tech (albeit it one with no people skills) were to be had today.
Everything appears to be fine, but I'm still waiting on a phone call from the midwife clinic, which apparently doesn't operate today. It's insane that the sonographer can't tell you one way or the other, although she did say there didn't appear to be anything to worry about, I need to wait for official confirmation from the radiologists report.

Today would be nice (fingers crossed).

So, after waiting all afternoon for the hospital to phone me back, I gave up and went up there...the ante natal clinic sent me over to the labour ward...and there I waited and waited while two naughty little girls (mine, of course) ran laps round and round, squealing in delight, while other women where trying to give birth and babies in the SCN where trying to sleep.
I headed back over to the clinic to be told they where now much trouble is it to look up a result on a computer??
More tears from me and eventually a doctor came out and told me that everything was fine...nothing to worry about. They were wondering why I was so upset...they didn't know it was a follow up ultrasound and that someone was supposed to have phoned me. Sorry, they said.
I feel like I have been a bit of a drama queen about it all...but that's easy to say in retrospect.

I am very much relieved and can now go on with enjoying the next 19 getting kicked often and am no longer feeling sick...just still a little tired.

A big thankyou to Celeste who gave me a shoulder to cry on (while heavily pregnant) and convinced me to have the follow up ultrasound sooner. Peace of mind makes an amazing difference.


Friday, August 20, 2010

This is not the weather for...

a broken clothes dryer!

Our dryer has now been gone for 3 and a half weeks...
If I had known it was going to take this long to repair I would have just bought a new one (considering the old one is costing almost as much to repair as a cheaper new one).

I certainly will not be returning any business to the repair shop. I tried for 2 days to phone them last week, and when I finally got through I was told she was phoning her suppliers all day chasing up parts. That really doesn't bode well. Our new part wasn't in after 7 days...fair enough it could take 7 to 10 days to arrive...but that time is well and truly up now. Should I phone them again?

My last experience with an appliance repair was also horrendous...a coffee machine that took 6 months and then was only fixed because of phone calls from me to Sunbeam...and after all that, it worked 3 times and then promptly returned to blowing the house fuses and making strange noises. It now sits in my garage. I'm too scared to plug it in, I don't want to get electrocuted.
I have a love/hate relationship with that coffee machine anyway.
It was a birthday present, and I remember having at least 2 coffees a day for a while there. Something that I believe contributed to me having a miscarriage in October. Which is why I now mostly drink decaf.

If only these things would happen in the summertime...but then who uses their dryer in Summer?? Not me.

I will be going out to buy a new clothes airer shortly...not that I have the space for one. The washing wont dry in the rain though!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Little Miss C spent her very first night in a big girl bed last the bedroom she will be sharing with her big sister.It went much more smoothly than I anticipated.
It was a bit of a spur of the moment action, even though I have been thinking about it for a very long time now.
If it was up to me she would probably still be sleeping with us the night before the new baby arrives.

She did wake at 4:30 in the morning and call out for mumma...I brought her back to bed with me...far too cold and squishy in a single bed for my liking.

I had a great deal of trouble sleeping without her there...which just proves what everyone has been telling me..."It will be harder for you than for her".

Hopefully tonight goes as well, hopefully better.
Could live without the 4:30 wake up call.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daybook!! (I know it isn't Monday)

Outside My Window...Winter has well and truly settled in around here. Grey skies, bare trees, green grass...the backyard is scattered with very wet and neglected children's furniture and my driveway is a quagmire.

I am stupid I am for not checking my appointments closer...It's embarrassing turning up to an appointment when you don't have one!

I am thankful for...An abatement in morning sickness. Which means slightly less exhausted and sometimes not feeling nauseous. Having said that however, I did throw up last night...will it ever end?

From the kitchen...Ugh mess...don't even want to contemplate it.

I am wearing...Maternity pants already...just too uncomfortable in anything else.

I am creating...Still working on that "girls" room. The wall is painted. It's was supposed to be pink. Obviously my colour sense isn't working either. I have a sticker to go up, just waiting for the paint to cure a bit more...might even do that later today.

I am going...To drag the girls up to Spotlight later...C needs a single bed doona and doona cover.

I am reading...Umm! Just what I'm writing now.

I am hoping...I can get through this week without having a nervous breakdown. Mr Pixies is working his day off Wednesday so he can go to a tournament all weekend. So he's basically 9 to 5:30 from yesterday until next Wednesday. Not to mention the cricket grand final that he had last night. Fun fun fun!

I am hearing...Mummy. Over and over and over again like a broken record.

Around the house...The cat litter is screaming to be changed...I can't do it obviously!! The stench obviously isn't affecting the male of the house as much as it is me. Subtle hints are no longer enough...It will be changed tonight! 

One of my favourite things...Certainly not daughter number one telling complete strangers our full names and address. Even though everyone seems to think this is the cutest thing ever!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Sleep, eat, shower, change nappies, prepare meals, function.

A photo to share...


Monday, July 19, 2010

blog neglect, a serious lack of photos, and the return of the daybook...

the last few months have been a mighty struggle for me.
I've been tired, sick, unmotivated and a bit of a hermit.
I haven't blogged regularly.
Looking through my photos folders from March, April, May and June leaves me feeling very sad that I haven't picked up the camera more regularly.

It's all for a good cause, however.
I have embarked on a new project.
A project that will come to fruition in the middle of January 2011.
Of course most people that read my blog already know what I'm talking about, but for those who don' is a photo of the works in progress.

14 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel much better now.
Oh my! I have been so much sicker with this one.
Unable to function, so so tired.

My house, which I was just starting to get in order, is now in disarray again *sigh*
Bring on the nesting!! Please.

Remember this post? I said that we wouldn't be trying for a baby until C was nearer to 2.. and how I said that I wish pregnancy would just HAPPEN, without all the angst of fertility drugs?
Well it sort of worked out that way...
I was on Metformin in an effort to prepare my body for pregnancy down the track (say in 3 or 4 months time). It certainly wasn't supposed to happen so quickly. It was certainly a bit of a shock...a very pleasant one.

So that's my excuse for blog neglect and lack of photos...Will my feeling better (not 100% yet, but haven't thrown up in 4 or 5 days...YAY!) herald the return of the regular Daybook?
I'm not sure about that one yet, but at least I can openly publish information I had to previously hold back.
As for the photo mojo...I'm hoping that returns some time soon...PLEASE!

I did manage to drag my sorry butt out of the house to take part in a family/maternity shoot for Celeste. I shot, she edited (I did suffer some anxiety over that situation, It's very strange not to be able to review the photos you have taken immediately after a shoot...I'm grateful she posted some on her blog so quickly)...I wasn't on top of my game, but I hope I got some good shots. It was freezing here...It may have been 7 degrees, but I think the wind chill factor was -1. They were absolute troopers. Thank goodness they all know what to do in front of the camera.

So, that's what been happening here over the past 3 months...
I hope to blog much more regularly....
After I get the house work under control of course (hehehe)


Friday, July 9, 2010

How Cold...

Was it this morning?
(-3C apparently)

Cold enough to freeze the water in the kids plastic stairs that are lying on the ground.

Cold enough for there to be a layer of frost on everything...

Too cold for Miss C to be awake at 6 o'clock!

I didn't make my way outside to take these until almost 8:30, so I hate to imagine how cold it was prior to that...this isn't a normal occurrence around here. Snow in winter is a rarity. (Although we did get snow in November when S was 17 months old.)
It has been almost impossible for us to keep warm these last few days without sitting in the heater. The clothes dryer doesn't even want to work...too cold.

From this freezing cold morning the day turned into lovely clear blue skies and we decided to brave the cold and get out of the house...

I didn't end up getting my shopping done...but who cares when you can go run around in a field and swing on the swings...even if it is freezing cold and you can only stay out in it for half an hour.

It was nice to see the sunshine.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday...

It was a very Toy Story Birthday when this one turned 4 on Saturday.

She received a talking Woody, a reversible dress up of Buzz and Woody, a Jessie figurine, a Spud Lightyear Mr Potato Head and a Toy Story book. She's a little obsessed. I think I've sat through Toy Story 1 and 2 about 10 times in the past week. Debating whether to take her to the new movie...don't think she'll sit still through the movie in it's entirety.

Mr Pixies and I bought the munchkin a camera...I think she's taken about 600 photos by now. Granted, most of them are of the floor or the wall or nothing or ridiculously overexposed. The idea is to get her accustomed to a camera and the responsibility it entails. She's already gone through one lot of batteries...YIKES!!

We also bought matching single beds to go in her bedroom, which hopefully she will soon be sharing with her sister...we need to paint and get it looking pretty first...and then convince the co-sleeping, breastfeeding Velcro kid to move in...REALLY need good luck vibes for that one.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess
(it's strange to type that when I can see the photo of her dressed as Buzz and Woody!!!)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Still Here....

This cheeky little one is now 18 Months Old!! (It's been so long since I blogged that she is now closer to 19 Months!!! but anyway!).

At 18 months she is
  • Cheekier than ever.
  • Can say Mummy, Daddy, Puppy, Kitty, Up, Charlotte (that's pretty impressive that one), and alot of gobbeldy gook that no one but she can understand.
  • Is STILL sleeping in our bed and Still NOT sleeping through the night.
  • Is still breastfeeding
  • Has used the potty to do wees, 3 times now.
  • Has had a ridiculous amount of snot pouring out of her nose.
  • Is very independant.
  • Likes to help get herself dressed....especially socks and shoes.
  • Still doesn't yet weigh 9 kilos...she's a tiny tich.
  • Still fits into alot of size O clothing.
  • Loves to pick her big sister up from Kinder.
  • Climbs on everything.
  • Feeds herself almost everthing.
  • Is an absolute sweetheart.
  • AND an absolute Drama Queen.
  • She tests my patience every single day but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Grey skies, wet ground, fallen leaves

I am thinking...that I really should stop my children climbing on their fathers desk...but they seem to be having so much fun, they can't hurt anything and they are keeping out of my hair while I do this blog entry.
I am thankful for...early nights, also known here as the reverse sleep in.

From the kitchen...The most delicious party pies EVER!! The first fundraiser from my daughters kinder that has been worthwhile for me.

I am a common occurrence for me.

I am creating...a card for the proud parents of a baby girl, born Saturday night. I just knew the baby would arrive before her quilt was finished...what can I excuses, just been a little slack lately. It's very close...

I am visit above mentioned new baby girl tonight...can't wait to meet her.

I am reading...I'm not reading (excepting of course the more than occasional story book for the pixies)...too tired to read.

I am hoping...that my sewing mojo returns very soon...I have so many projects that need to be finished and many thought knocking on my head trying to escape, unable to find release.

I am hearing...Thomas the Tank Engine...sigh...I am waiting for the day when I can play some music that I want to listen to.

Around the house...ughh!! mess. I've had an atrocious head cold since Wednesday...thanks to to the littlest pixie...feeling completely drained and unable to even contemplate the housework...poor Mr Pixies comes home to a disaster zone every night.

One of my favourite things...catching up with friends...we don't get to do that nearly as often as I would like these days...we all have our own lives and it's difficult to coordinate schedules...but it's worth it when it happens.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish that quilt (absolute priority), dentist checkup (ughh!!!), ring the gas fitter about my on again off again oven (frustrating), taking the girls to Happy Jacks (I'm sure they'll LOVE it), try to get enough rest to get over this damn head cold that is bugging me. 

A photo to share... Can you believe this "baby" will be 18 months old in 2 weeks?
  Well that's another daybook they continue at least for this week.
It's really become a habit now and I will probably keep going with it for a while yet. It is however the only blogging I seem to be doing. Perhaps due to a serious lack of good photos to share...It seems that ALL my creative mojo has left the building. Very Sad!!
Hope everyone else has a productive week...I'll be back next Monday with more completely boring information about my life :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Dark, Cold...

I am thinking...that I should put a jumper on...I'm really cold, but the kidlet is asleep in our bed as usual and I don't want to disturb her...could be a fatal error.

I am thankful for...the fact that I managed to get tickets to Metallica's Death Magnetic tour...not the exact tickets I wanted, but tickets none the less. 

From the kitchen...Bacon, pea and potato soup...and chocolate and chips. Oh and an oven that is driving me up the wall with it's poor reliability.

I am usual.

I am creating...a better looking home...I hope.

I am think about not continuing with daybook monday...I am struggling to think of things to write. In fact this blog could be soon abandoned...

I am reading...I have been avoiding my usual perusal of I'm not reading much at all.

I am hoping...that Miss C's snotty nose doesn't turn into a full blown cold. She struggled to feed tonight and it took some time to get her to go to sleep. No fun.

I am hearing...Politicians arguing on my television. It's not interesting enough to attract my full attention, but not so bad that I want to get up and change the channel.

Around the house...We have had a few changes...moved some furniture, bought some new furniture...I'm quite pleased with how it looks...just need a new lounge suite now.

One of my favourite things...Having an afternnon nap with C, while S watches a dvd.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Swimming on Wednesday, I need to get out of town for a day trip, am feeling a bit restless.

A photo to share...
I'm not exactly sure what they are watching here...but it's so nice to see them spending some quiet time together...and gives me the slightest of breaks.

Hope everyone has a lovely week...until next Monday.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it Monday again already...Daybook

FOR TODAY...10th of May 2010

Outside My Window...Is my desperate need of a wash and vacuum. No matter how many times I say the kids aren't allowed to eat in the car, inevitably they do...and they ALWAYS make a mess...that's the nature of children I guess.

I am thinking...that I should have taken photos yesterday on Mothers Day...again no photos of the girls and I together...will have to put the camera remote to use soon.

I am thankful for...little sleep ins...8:15 is so much better than 6:00. I almost feel alive today. Pity I didn't get a sleep in for Mothers Day yesterday...but I knew it was never going to happen.

From the kitchen...Possibly an orange and almond cake...I got a new cookbook for Mothers Day, and I'm itching to make something...It seems like the least labour intensive at the moment.

I am oldest and comfiest pair of track pants.

I am creating...a curry from scratch later in the week...wish me luck finding the ingredients in this town.

I am go and eat a chocolate brownie as soon as I finish this post...who cares!

I am reading...Food Safari by Maeve O'Meara...notice a theme here.

I am get the the Mill Market sometime this week...have been trying to get there for about 3 weeks now...I am after some vintage linens.

I am hearing...Dirt Girl World...a show which really freaks me out for some reason...I know it has a great message and all, but Dirt Girl and Grubby are just WAY too enthusiastic for my liking.

Around the house...C is asleep, S is watching TV...the cats are asleep and the clock is ticking.

One of my favourite things...Chocolate Brownie...which obviously couldn't wait until I finished this post...why have all my favourite things been food for the last 3 weeks?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Some child free time on Wednesday morning, hopefully. Continue to search for a new low line TV unit that we both like. Visitors coming on Saturday for lunch.

A photo to share...
She thought her frizzy pigtails where so cool that they warranted a photo...