Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a...

very naughty, wriggly little baby.

I have been for a repeat scan this morning because this little one refused to stay still long enough to show us the chambers of it's heart...way to stress out mummy.

The midwife wanted me to wait 4 weeks for another scan, no way could I do after some hysterical crying and pleading I was given the okay to have one sooner (there was only a week between them).

A much better behaved baby, and a more focused and very thorough ultrasound tech (albeit it one with no people skills) were to be had today.
Everything appears to be fine, but I'm still waiting on a phone call from the midwife clinic, which apparently doesn't operate today. It's insane that the sonographer can't tell you one way or the other, although she did say there didn't appear to be anything to worry about, I need to wait for official confirmation from the radiologists report.

Today would be nice (fingers crossed).

So, after waiting all afternoon for the hospital to phone me back, I gave up and went up there...the ante natal clinic sent me over to the labour ward...and there I waited and waited while two naughty little girls (mine, of course) ran laps round and round, squealing in delight, while other women where trying to give birth and babies in the SCN where trying to sleep.
I headed back over to the clinic to be told they where now much trouble is it to look up a result on a computer??
More tears from me and eventually a doctor came out and told me that everything was fine...nothing to worry about. They were wondering why I was so upset...they didn't know it was a follow up ultrasound and that someone was supposed to have phoned me. Sorry, they said.
I feel like I have been a bit of a drama queen about it all...but that's easy to say in retrospect.

I am very much relieved and can now go on with enjoying the next 19 getting kicked often and am no longer feeling sick...just still a little tired.

A big thankyou to Celeste who gave me a shoulder to cry on (while heavily pregnant) and convinced me to have the follow up ultrasound sooner. Peace of mind makes an amazing difference.



  1. Congratulations!! Is girl? /Julia

  2. Sorry, I wrote wrong ... It's a girl?

  3. Thanks Julia...we do know the gender, but at this stage are keeping it under wraps...possibly announced in a not too distant blog post.

  4. So glad all ok..Cute pic too!
    Is is a girl???? LOL!

  5. You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. Hehehe...