Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Buzz Cut Baby

This is my Darcy with the gorgeous blonde (almost white) curls.
On Monday, when school had gone back I made a split decision...
Totally spur of the moment haircut...The clippers were sitting on the dining table from the night before.
This is the absolute longest guide (number 8).
He sat perfectly still...
well almost.
Very willing participant.
Goodbye crazy curls, again!
He looks so different with his hair shorter. More grown up, cheekier.
Gorgeous boy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sad News and a catch up

I was hoping to be able to share with you all a plethora of divine wedding photos.
Unfortuantley, things didn't go to plan.
I was in the middle of making up some cute little last minute photo props the night before the big day when the phone rang. It was the brides brother...informing me that it had been called off. My first thoughts of course where with the bride. I was upset and worried for her. Something obviously had gone wrong for her to make such a huge decision.
I had geared myself up and I was completely ready for my first wedding shoot. It's really difficult to explain my emotions about it all. I was disappointed for myself, but I was also concerned about my friend. My confidence has taken a little bit of a battering.  I didn't even touch my fully prepared camera gear for a week. I felt like a caged lion, with the need to get out there and take photos...of anyone other than my children. I guess that is frustration.
Anyway, life goes on. I hope that my bride and groom can work things out. I am certainly thinking of them.
So with nothing to do on a Saturday, Sam off work and a lovely babysitter arranged for the kiddos in the evening...what were we to do?? Go out for dinner of course...Just the two of us. That's something we haven't done in I don't know how long. Too long. It's difficult to have a date night here. We had a lovely couple of hours, and we were home in time to get the kids to bed and have a few glasses of wine with our lovely friend.
That was a few weeks ago now, and I have had a birthday in the meantime...thirty-seven...with three kids...how did that happen??
I think I like being closer to forty. I'm not worried about hitting that milestone. I am relatively happy with my life at the moment. Wonderful partner, three beautiful children, a house, a job, fantastic parents.
It was AFL Grands Final Day on my birthday, and the Hawks lost. That didn't go down so well in this household. Although I do think I yelled at the television quiet a bit more than Sam. Maybe I was worried about him being grumpy face for a week. Or maybe it's because I have kind of adopted the Hawks, considering how badly Melbourne are doing. Circumstance made for an interesting birthday.
To make up for this, we headed down to Geelong for a nice leisurely stroll around the Mill Market. (interspersed with the complaining of two small girls..I'm hungry, I'm bored, can we go now, I want to go on the carousel, this is taking for...ever!!). I saw so many things I would love to own, but alas the budget is very very tight at the moment...maybe after Christmas I'll ditch the loved ones and make a day of it alone, dragging a trailer behind me.
We eventually made it to the carousel, followed by ice-cream for lunch (oh! the horror). A stroll along the waterfront, watched the sea helicopter take off and land, then made our way home...with a bucket of coffee.
It all made for a lovely birthday...thank you to my people :)

Wow! That's was a jumbled up ramble...congratulations if you made it to here!! I will endeavour to update my blog more often, but I have been fairly busy with work and school holiday activities. In fact I should be working right now. Back to the sewing machine for me!! Talk to you again soon.