Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Self Portrait for Feb

Here I am again...another black and white. Maybe I will aim for colour in March!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shin Dig

 As you know, the little man turned ONE not so long ago.
We had a little gathering (I wasn't up for a full blown, invite the entire neighbourhood type deal...just after Christmas and around the Australia Day Holiday and an exhausted sleep deprived Mumma doesn't make for an enthusiastic party planner!!). Please accept my aplogies if I have offended.

So with just close family and a few friends we headed up to the park for a little celebration. It was HOT. It was MUGGY...I HATE that sort of weather.We did the best we could though.

Big hit of the day where the icy poles, thankyou to Nanna:)

Thank goodness also for Celeste who remembered to bring her camera and was good enough to get some shots of the party. Guess who forgot to charge her camera battery?? Scatterbrained Mumma, that's who. Some found it amusing (Mr Pixies)...Humpf!!

That's the last first birthday party I will be planning...bring on girly parties with school friends I guess.

Fifty Two on Fridays - Innocence

My sleeping babe...innocence.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


It's been a big week..

Sophia started Prep this week, Charlotte had her first day of Kinder and  Darcy, well he took a nosedive into the corner of a door and gave himself a huge egg on his forehead.

We have been all getting up early and making the 40 minute round trip to school. So far the weather has been kind to us, no rain and not excessively hot. I am struggling a little with the new routine. I don't cope overly well with change, and I miss my big girl, even though it is much quieter without her.  It's been a bit of shock to the system with all the paperwork and expectations of Primary School (I know, this is only just the beginning).

Charlotte had her Kinder orientation on Friday afternoon, I stayed with her for an hour and filled in more paperwork while she played. She was the ONLY one to sit still for song and story time...3 year olds can be an unruly bunch. She has her first 2 and a half hour session next Friday. She will be great, she's extremely excited and wanted to know if she could go back on Saturday :)

Darcy decided Monday morning was a good time to slip on the floorboards and kiss the door with his forehead. It scared the life out of me, and although I had no tears leaving Sophia at school, this definitely brought tears to my eyes. The swelling was sudden and large, although he only cried for a moment.

On top of all this all three of them have a nasty cough, Charlotte has even lost her voice and is speaking in a tiny little croak. Darcy has been waking up every hour during the night for the past 3 nights and it's absolutely doing my head in.

On the plus side, I am really enjoying all the walking we are doing, and was missing it so much today that I left Sam with the kids and went for a nice walk all by myself...was lovely.

It's been an emotional week...a week of milestones...a week of tears...a week of joy.

Beginnings and Endings.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fifty Two on Fridays - Love

Speaks for itself really...I have a serious coffee addiction.
There was a time when I blamed too much coffee for a miscarriage, and I stayed away from it for a good 2 I still drink decaf. I especially LOVE the decaf from Amanti, it has a gorgeous aniseed undertone.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fifty Two on Fridays - Shoes

I wear these EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. They are crazy comfortable, but the left one has a broken buckle and I may have to give them up soon. Shoes are difficult for me because my feet are quiet broad. On the search for something comfortable to wear for the school run...or walk rather :)