Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun in the Park

Recently we have had some lovely winter weather, so I made the most of it and took the girls to the park for some fresh air and sunshine. They both had a great time on the wasn't until after I took these photos and was helping S out of the swing that I noticed. Can you see what I'm talking about??? her shoes are on the wrong feet. Oops.

Charlotte enjoyed some local delicacies...fresh grass, and a few leaves.

We only stayed for half an hour, it started to get a wee bit chilly, but it was long enough to satisfy S (actually she would probably be happy to spend all day at the park).

I'm really looking forward to doing this more often as the weather warms thing you know I'll be complaining about the heat. I'm looking forward to icecreams at the lake and little girls in summer dresses. In anticipation of this I have stocked up on some gorgeous summery fabric at Spotlight, and I plan on making something pretty for each of the girls...Just hope those plans come to fruition and I don't procrastinate too much.

Speaking of dresses...I have a 21st dress to finish, so I must go and do it now *sigh*. I also have a nappy bag to finish *sigh* again. Will post some of my work in progress next time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've created a monster...

this afternoon I walked in to find S lining her toys up to take some photos of them

"You just sit there and we'll take some photos...don't move...hang on a sec, I just need to change my lens...okay there we go all ready now...say cheezels".
She has her own little toy camera, two actually, one that Santa gave her and one that her Nanna gave her...neither of them take actual photos. Looks like me may have to think about getting her one that does very soon.It was soooo cute, but also very strange to hear my dialogue coming out of her mouth.

These next photos are from a little walk we took to the playground just near our house. We stopped in front of a bluestone wall and took a few quick snaps...obviously not in a smiley mood, which is sometimes nice for a change. We've had so many comments on this hat...$2.95 on sale from Best n Less, couldn't pass it up. Actually I have a bit of an obsession for this style of hat. I also bought one from Pumpkin Patch (this one slightly more than $2.95) which no doubt will make an appearance to this blog in the not too distant future.

Used the Splendor Action from on this one...I just love how it makes the denim look. Am off to do some sewing now...lots to do...motivation to find. *sigh*

first teeth??

I thought the fever, bad sleeping and general grumpiness was an imminent sign of those first teeth erupting at long last, but then the fever went away...

and this appeared.

Roseola Virus (sixth disease). My poor baby was sick and very unlike herself. But as soon as it was gone again and she woke up this morning (after a wonderful nights sleep...the best in 5 months) to clear skin again. I distinctly remember her sister having the same thing when she was around 5 months old. Needless to say it's lovely to have her back to her usual smiley self.

So it wasn't her first teeth after all...I'm sure they'll come through when they are good and ready to, but in the meantime I'm enjoying her gummy smiles and no biting.

In an effort to stay sane we escaped the house with a grumpy 8 month old and bored 3 year old, and headed to Geelong for the afternoon...of course we chose a day when the wind was gusting at over 100km/h. It was a battle to keep the car on the road and all my grand ideas of getting photos of my girls on the beach were dashed. At least we managed to fulfill one promise...a ride on the carousel for one slightly impatient 3 year old.

...and she loved it.

We attempted to walk along the pier but the wind was so strong we got sandblasted and there was a strong possibility of being swept into the ocean...Yikes.

All in all it turned out to be a good family day for us...and I got to drive home in peace and quiet while everyone else had a snooze. Bliss

Thursday, August 20, 2009

She can be so....


Exasperate (ig-zas-puh-reyt)
verb: to irritate or provoke to a high degree; annoy extremely.

She is 3 now and pushing the boundaries like never before...they say terrible two's, maybe it's the exasperating three's.

She won't take NO for an answer...and her favourite word is WHY?
Endless questions and no answer to satisfy her.
She doesn't want to get dressed in the morning, she doesn't want to share with her sister, she doesn't want to eat her dinner, she doesn't want to clean up her toys.

And just when you think you can't take it any more...

She says something cute, or gives you a cuddle and says "I love you mumma".
Last night driving home she turned to her crying sister and said "It's okay, don't be scared of the dark", and my heart nearly melted and tears came to my eyes.

She's curious, inquisitive, very very talkative and rarely ever stops...

and I absolutely adore her.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Remote

I'm sure it's a familiar story to many of you out there...the photographer/mum who doesn't have any photos of themselves with their LO's...and we all know how difficult it is to set the timer and run for it to try and get a good shot (ughh!!) in an attempt to get some photos of myself with my children before they are all grown up, I bought a remote.

So I set the tripod up and this is what I got...

It's still a bit of a wrangle, but at least I didn't have to get up after EVERY shot and check and reset and dash. My 3 year old thought the remote was great and wanted to use it and that's how I got the second shot above of me with my 8 month old...

Just wish I had done it sooner...regretfully I don't have nice photos of my daughters and I when they where new.

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is the view that greeted me from my front doorstep on Wednesday morning.

I just had to go out in my PJ's and take some photos...very thick fog that didn't lift until lunchtime. Bit of a novelty for me, we don't normally have weather like this. Once it cleared however, we had quite a lovely day...even managed to go for a walk with the girls.
So nice to get out and about.
Hope to do it more and more as the weather improves.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I really don't think...

my life is interesting enough to blog, but I thought I'd give it a go.

It's the middle of winter and I'm soooo over being cooped up inside with the kiddies.
What I really want to do is get outside and take some photos of them...but it's way too cold, so I had to resort to setting up a little backdrop and taking some shots.

This is what I got...I used a honey retro action from the first photo...turned out reasonably well considering it was a miserable grey old day.

My little girls are growing up way too fast...perfect little posers for me the other day, full of attitude today. Must drag myself away from the computer to see what mischief they are up to now.