Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun in the Park

Recently we have had some lovely winter weather, so I made the most of it and took the girls to the park for some fresh air and sunshine. They both had a great time on the wasn't until after I took these photos and was helping S out of the swing that I noticed. Can you see what I'm talking about??? her shoes are on the wrong feet. Oops.

Charlotte enjoyed some local delicacies...fresh grass, and a few leaves.

We only stayed for half an hour, it started to get a wee bit chilly, but it was long enough to satisfy S (actually she would probably be happy to spend all day at the park).

I'm really looking forward to doing this more often as the weather warms thing you know I'll be complaining about the heat. I'm looking forward to icecreams at the lake and little girls in summer dresses. In anticipation of this I have stocked up on some gorgeous summery fabric at Spotlight, and I plan on making something pretty for each of the girls...Just hope those plans come to fruition and I don't procrastinate too much.

Speaking of dresses...I have a 21st dress to finish, so I must go and do it now *sigh*. I also have a nappy bag to finish *sigh* again. Will post some of my work in progress next time.

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