Thursday, August 27, 2009

first teeth??

I thought the fever, bad sleeping and general grumpiness was an imminent sign of those first teeth erupting at long last, but then the fever went away...

and this appeared.

Roseola Virus (sixth disease). My poor baby was sick and very unlike herself. But as soon as it was gone again and she woke up this morning (after a wonderful nights sleep...the best in 5 months) to clear skin again. I distinctly remember her sister having the same thing when she was around 5 months old. Needless to say it's lovely to have her back to her usual smiley self.

So it wasn't her first teeth after all...I'm sure they'll come through when they are good and ready to, but in the meantime I'm enjoying her gummy smiles and no biting.

In an effort to stay sane we escaped the house with a grumpy 8 month old and bored 3 year old, and headed to Geelong for the afternoon...of course we chose a day when the wind was gusting at over 100km/h. It was a battle to keep the car on the road and all my grand ideas of getting photos of my girls on the beach were dashed. At least we managed to fulfill one promise...a ride on the carousel for one slightly impatient 3 year old.

...and she loved it.

We attempted to walk along the pier but the wind was so strong we got sandblasted and there was a strong possibility of being swept into the ocean...Yikes.

All in all it turned out to be a good family day for us...and I got to drive home in peace and quiet while everyone else had a snooze. Bliss


  1. Love Sophia's top - looks familiar..
    Cut shots of the carousel..
    Maybe we will have to all go down and get some shots?? Could be good cousin photo op?

  2. Me again.. Perhaps seeing as they are dead and gone for the season, my brother could take OFF the dreaded top for a family shots on the beach??
    Glad Lottie is better..

  3. Oh yes!! The Hawthorn Jumper...and in Geelong no less. Crazy.