Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've created a monster...

this afternoon I walked in to find S lining her toys up to take some photos of them

"You just sit there and we'll take some photos...don't move...hang on a sec, I just need to change my lens...okay there we go all ready now...say cheezels".
She has her own little toy camera, two actually, one that Santa gave her and one that her Nanna gave her...neither of them take actual photos. Looks like me may have to think about getting her one that does very soon.It was soooo cute, but also very strange to hear my dialogue coming out of her mouth.

These next photos are from a little walk we took to the playground just near our house. We stopped in front of a bluestone wall and took a few quick snaps...obviously not in a smiley mood, which is sometimes nice for a change. We've had so many comments on this hat...$2.95 on sale from Best n Less, couldn't pass it up. Actually I have a bit of an obsession for this style of hat. I also bought one from Pumpkin Patch (this one slightly more than $2.95) which no doubt will make an appearance to this blog in the not too distant future.

Used the Splendor Action from on this one...I just love how it makes the denim look. Am off to do some sewing now...lots to do...motivation to find. *sigh*

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