Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini Model

She was half willing...of course she wanted to choose her own clothes.
So we shot some photos of her wearing what she wanted to wear...then I got her to change into this.
She mostly followed directions.
We got some very cute shots.
She doesn't normally smile like this for photos.
Must have been enjoying the one on one time, the little man was in bed and her big sister was at school.
We had fun.

She has a grey front tooth. Can you see it??
She is a sweet kid and an absolute terror.
At some point in the past 12 months we must have reinforced for her that if she has a big enough tantrum or cries for long enough we will give her what she wants. It's going to be a tremendously difficult habit to break with her. She stamps her feet and stands on the spot and screams. She cries at the drop of a hat if things don't go her way. She makes the most annoying screeching noise. I guess it's tough being the middle child. She certainly does not like to share...especially with her little brother.

On the plus side she now goes to bed easily. No more needing her Dad to lay next to her until she falls asleep. She gets up and goes to the toilet and then takes herself back to bed.
She can count to thirty, and sings the alphabet song impeccably.
She also likes to sing, at the moment P!nk, at the top of her voice...LOUD.
She loves Kinder and brings home lots and lots of artwork.
She is cute and tiny and adorable and a handful and I wouldn't change her for the world.

Monday, May 28, 2012


I was supposed to be photographing a gorgeous little girl on Friday afternoon, but the weather wasn't playing nice. It was atrocious in fact, cold freezing, wet, windy. So we rescheduled.
I couldn't resist just setting up a little backdrop anyway and snapping away at my favourite little subject.
Hence he is dressed just in what he was wearing for the day...no fancy outfits, just in socks.
He is my little piece of gorgeous though, whatever he is wearing.

My plan now is to recreate this photo with him wearing something cute so I have a nice photo of him to frame for his Gran to put on her wall.

 Hoping it goes as well second time around.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Pretties

for one of Sophias school friends.

Scaled down version!
Another one to make for this Sunday, better make a start.

Anyone interested in purchashing one of these custom made cushions?? email me :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Girl

I was just taking a few shots to check the light in the girls bedroom...
She is starting to come around to the whole idea of posing for me...
I converted to black and white
...this photo took my breath away.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So very very grateful for the existence of these precious little people.

Sure, they're hard work. They make a mess, they often don't get along , and I complain about them over and over.


They are my world. I love them with my entire being. I fought very hard to get them here.
They are my little weirdos.

Mothers Day is a good time to remind myself how difficult the journey to parenthood was. It also gives me pause to think about all the people out there who haven't been as lucky as we are. 

I had been wanting for the longest time (before Darcy was even born) to order a pendant with the kids names on it, I just couldn't decide what style I liked. This Mothers Day I finally decided!

The hearts are for our babies that couldn't be with us...I still think about them EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I thought it appropriate to have this reminder of them.

The card is from my gorgeous school girl, who is doing so very well with her reading and writing.
So proud of her.
After the kiddos let me has a little sleep in, they bombarded my with cards covered in glitter (which is still in my bed).
Sophia bought me a pair of gardening gloves and a cute little spade (she has high hopes :)) at the Mothers Day stall at school.
Charlotte made me a lovely beaded necklace (definitely one of a kind).
Lots and lots of cuddles...absolutely the best bit of Mothers Day.

Hope everyone else out there had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Week Of...

Sickness, School, Photos, Doctors Visits, Working, Creating, Laughing, Crying, Driving, Worrying.

It all started on Wednesday night, after a frustrating day at work all I wanted was to get a good night sleep. Darcy thanked me for working by waking up every hour during the night. I get it baby, you missed me, but EVERY HOUR! Then I heard Charlotte making strange noises at 3am. She vomited all over herself in bed. Cleaned that up. She was sick all day Thursday. Mr Pixies headed off the the football on Saturday night. We had a cruisey Sunday. Darcy coughed so hard on Monday he vomited, took him to the doctor, what a waste of time that was. Sorry can't do anything for him. He suffered with gastro all of Monday. Took the kids over to the park in an attempt to get some nice photos for Mothers Day. Didn't really go as planned. Work on Wednesday. Nice little break from the kids. Come home to find that Sophia now has Gastro. She threw up all Wednesday night and stayed home from school Thursday. Darcy again thanked me for going to work by waking every hour from eight until midnight. Got him up and watched the Nascars at Talledega on the TV. He slept better after a little one on one Mummy time. House looks like a bomb hit it. Don't even know where to start cleaning. Kids constantly arguing. Trying to find my Zen. Sometimes it's difficult to find the silver lining.

I know I do a lot of complaining on this blog. It's just my nature I guess. It's my "Princess Bitch Face"!
I prefer to read about reality instead of the saccharine sweet crap that alot of people post about. Some people would have you believe that their lives are perfect. They like to blog only about the good parts of their lives. I like to blog about the everyday! It is for this reason that I have dramatically culled the list of blogs I read. I like a dose of reality, I don't need to be made to feel like I don't measure up. I don't need to feel that if I don't enjoy my kids 24/7 I am a bad parent. It's an Illusion.