Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Week Of...

Sickness, School, Photos, Doctors Visits, Working, Creating, Laughing, Crying, Driving, Worrying.

It all started on Wednesday night, after a frustrating day at work all I wanted was to get a good night sleep. Darcy thanked me for working by waking up every hour during the night. I get it baby, you missed me, but EVERY HOUR! Then I heard Charlotte making strange noises at 3am. She vomited all over herself in bed. Cleaned that up. She was sick all day Thursday. Mr Pixies headed off the the football on Saturday night. We had a cruisey Sunday. Darcy coughed so hard on Monday he vomited, took him to the doctor, what a waste of time that was. Sorry can't do anything for him. He suffered with gastro all of Monday. Took the kids over to the park in an attempt to get some nice photos for Mothers Day. Didn't really go as planned. Work on Wednesday. Nice little break from the kids. Come home to find that Sophia now has Gastro. She threw up all Wednesday night and stayed home from school Thursday. Darcy again thanked me for going to work by waking every hour from eight until midnight. Got him up and watched the Nascars at Talledega on the TV. He slept better after a little one on one Mummy time. House looks like a bomb hit it. Don't even know where to start cleaning. Kids constantly arguing. Trying to find my Zen. Sometimes it's difficult to find the silver lining.

I know I do a lot of complaining on this blog. It's just my nature I guess. It's my "Princess Bitch Face"!
I prefer to read about reality instead of the saccharine sweet crap that alot of people post about. Some people would have you believe that their lives are perfect. They like to blog only about the good parts of their lives. I like to blog about the everyday! It is for this reason that I have dramatically culled the list of blogs I read. I like a dose of reality, I don't need to be made to feel like I don't measure up. I don't need to feel that if I don't enjoy my kids 24/7 I am a bad parent. It's an Illusion.

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  1. These photos are the reason you do it...I love them all.. And true about the saccharin sweetness..
    Somedays life just sucks..
    Plus we gave you the gastro - so hate on me baby!