Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So very very grateful for the existence of these precious little people.

Sure, they're hard work. They make a mess, they often don't get along , and I complain about them over and over.


They are my world. I love them with my entire being. I fought very hard to get them here.
They are my little weirdos.

Mothers Day is a good time to remind myself how difficult the journey to parenthood was. It also gives me pause to think about all the people out there who haven't been as lucky as we are. 

I had been wanting for the longest time (before Darcy was even born) to order a pendant with the kids names on it, I just couldn't decide what style I liked. This Mothers Day I finally decided!

The hearts are for our babies that couldn't be with us...I still think about them EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I thought it appropriate to have this reminder of them.

The card is from my gorgeous school girl, who is doing so very well with her reading and writing.
So proud of her.
After the kiddos let me has a little sleep in, they bombarded my with cards covered in glitter (which is still in my bed).
Sophia bought me a pair of gardening gloves and a cute little spade (she has high hopes :)) at the Mothers Day stall at school.
Charlotte made me a lovely beaded necklace (definitely one of a kind).
Lots and lots of cuddles...absolutely the best bit of Mothers Day.

Hope everyone else out there had a wonderful Mothers Day.

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