Monday, July 30, 2012

This Girl

has been elusive of late.

 I guess that's what happens when they are at school for most of the day. Some days I miss her. Some days I wish she could stay at school longer.

She has changed since starting school. Some good, some not so good.
She loves to share with her brother and sister, most of the time.
She has a kind heart, and always tries to help her friends.
She has lovely manners.
She can be contrary, not liking it when things don't go her way.
She takes forever to get dressed for school in the morning.
She struggles with perfectionism, not wanting to try something if she thinks she might not get it right first up.
She has been invited to six birthday parties so far this year.
He hair is dead straight and getting so long now.
She won't eat yoghurt if I put it in her lunchbox.
She loves apples, and avacoado in a sandwich.
Her teacher tells me that some of the other kids in her class are in awe of her.
She is absolutely a social butterfly, she makes new friends so easily.
She still fits into a size four skinny jeans.
She would prefer to wear a dress to school over trackies every day.
She is doing taekwondo and fitness circuit after school twice a week.
She loves to read, and is at the right level for someone at the end of Prep.
We have just started giving her some pocketmoney, she likes to spend it on a fingerbun after school on Fridays. Not just for her, but for her siblings as well.
She always wants a hug when she has been in trouble, and she is difficult to resist, it helps calm her down.
Her temper can be volatile.
She likes me to drop her off at the gate for school, she has always been very independent in spirit.

She is a school girl now. She is six years old. I love watching her grow and learn. I am always amazed when I listen to her read, and spell, and add up.
Can you teach me to count by sixes, she asked me this morning as she was getting dressed.
I love that she has a voracious appetite for learning, and that she hasn't once yet complained that she doesn't want to go to school.
It puts joy in my heart.
Love my girl.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh Baby

This sweet little boy turned eighteen months a few days ago. He longer can be considered a baby.
The crazy curls are gone.
He can feed himself with a spoon.
He drinks out of a cup.
He throws a mean tantrum.
 He gives the most beautiful cuddles.
He always gives me a kiss before climbing out of bed in the morning.
He is still sleeping in my bed.
He is still breastfeeding.
He is not saying many words...only Mum, Boo, Nigh Nigh, Nanna, Pa.
 He loves to point.
He adores books.
He's gorgeous and cheeky and my last.

No more babies.
It makes me sad that he has grown up so quickly.
I love that tiny baby stage, but I don't necessarily want to go back there.
I am now looking forward...
To a house without nappies.
To kids at school.
To being able to work more.
To doing things together.
To continuing to guide them.
To continuing to teach them.
To watching them grow.

He had his eighteen months immunisations today. One in each arm. He was very stoic. No complaints, just curious about the cotton wool and sticky tape on his arms.

I love my cheeky little boy so much, and I still remember his birth like it was yesterday.
Feeling a little nostalgic.

Friday, July 20, 2012

First Haircut

Finally, we decided that the crazy Einstein hair was just too much for a little boy.
Even though those curls are beautiful...they had to go. It was frizz city at the back.

I wasn't prepared to buzz it was I going to take photos and operate the clippers at the same time?
He sat in the chair all by himself without even a whimper of protest.
I must tell you, this a boy who LOVES to have his hair brushed at home. He's first in line after a bath to be groomed. So I guess it's no surprise that he didn't object.

It took me a good two or three days to get used to him with much less hair. Every time I turned around I looked at him I got a mini that my boy??
Now that I am used to it, I think it looks great. I doubt that we will ever let it get as long as it was again.

Now I wish the weather would be kind so I can take the little munchkin into the great outdoors for some photos and some fun.


Friday, July 13, 2012

First Photos

of the FIVE of us...
We have been meaning to do this photo shoot since the little man was six months old...
This wasn't a planned shoot, we just took the opportunity while we were at our annual Christmas in July Celebration to ask Celeste to take a few quick shots for us.
Happily she obliged...I'm really pleased with them.

Since these photos, the little man has had his crazy Einstein curls lopped off. He looks so much older of that experience to follow.