Friday, July 13, 2012

First Photos

of the FIVE of us...
We have been meaning to do this photo shoot since the little man was six months old...
This wasn't a planned shoot, we just took the opportunity while we were at our annual Christmas in July Celebration to ask Celeste to take a few quick shots for us.
Happily she obliged...I'm really pleased with them.

Since these photos, the little man has had his crazy Einstein curls lopped off. He looks so much older of that experience to follow.



  1. I'm glad they turned out so well. I really love the one up on the hill!
    Always love taking your photos..Can't wait till I get to do it again sometime...

  2. These are beautiful photos and a gorgeous family! I just stumbled onto your blog while googling "buzz cut". I am in Canada and have a family very similar to you! 2 girls (6 and 7) and a little boy just 2. I am an occasional photographer/stay at home mom. So neat! I saw your 18 month post for your son and I swear I could have written the exact same thing. Take care!