Friday, July 20, 2012

First Haircut

Finally, we decided that the crazy Einstein hair was just too much for a little boy.
Even though those curls are beautiful...they had to go. It was frizz city at the back.

I wasn't prepared to buzz it was I going to take photos and operate the clippers at the same time?
He sat in the chair all by himself without even a whimper of protest.
I must tell you, this a boy who LOVES to have his hair brushed at home. He's first in line after a bath to be groomed. So I guess it's no surprise that he didn't object.

It took me a good two or three days to get used to him with much less hair. Every time I turned around I looked at him I got a mini that my boy??
Now that I am used to it, I think it looks great. I doubt that we will ever let it get as long as it was again.

Now I wish the weather would be kind so I can take the little munchkin into the great outdoors for some photos and some fun.


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