Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh Baby

This sweet little boy turned eighteen months a few days ago. He longer can be considered a baby.
The crazy curls are gone.
He can feed himself with a spoon.
He drinks out of a cup.
He throws a mean tantrum.
 He gives the most beautiful cuddles.
He always gives me a kiss before climbing out of bed in the morning.
He is still sleeping in my bed.
He is still breastfeeding.
He is not saying many words...only Mum, Boo, Nigh Nigh, Nanna, Pa.
 He loves to point.
He adores books.
He's gorgeous and cheeky and my last.

No more babies.
It makes me sad that he has grown up so quickly.
I love that tiny baby stage, but I don't necessarily want to go back there.
I am now looking forward...
To a house without nappies.
To kids at school.
To being able to work more.
To doing things together.
To continuing to guide them.
To continuing to teach them.
To watching them grow.

He had his eighteen months immunisations today. One in each arm. He was very stoic. No complaints, just curious about the cotton wool and sticky tape on his arms.

I love my cheeky little boy so much, and I still remember his birth like it was yesterday.
Feeling a little nostalgic.

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  1. I'm feeling nostalgic lately too.. Where did our baby boys go?

    Love the new look on your blog too! Totally cool!