Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 14 Months Little Guy

Where oh where does the time go?

Darcy turned fourteen months today, boy is he growing up fast. Much to my chagrin he is becoming more independent each day and getting up to more mischief every day. I have to keep a constant eye on him...a total change from the girls...he climbs. Onto the table, onto the couch and into the window, he pulls all my pots and pans and cookbooks out, we moved the DVDs months ago, he loves to get into the bottom of the pantry if I forget to put the child lock on and pull out all the tins of food, he eats crayons if the girls leave them anywhere within reach, he pulls all the clothes out of their cupboards, he stands up on his ride on truck that Pa made him and rides it like a skateboard (heart attack material).
He screams in frustration when he can't achieve his goal.

On the encouraging side, he is beginning to sleep better. I think (fingers crossed) that we have turned a corner. He only woke at midnight and five last night...oh blessed sleep. He is consistently sleeping a two hour nap during the day also...except for today, of course with Charlotte at Kinder and Sophia at School, the best thing to do would be have a 40 minute nap and then wake up screaming inconsolably!! All my efforts to resettle him failed and I spent a miserable 30 minutes trying to console him.

He was being so silly, I just couldn't resist taking these photos.
He isn't the type to have a mild hissy fit. This boy has a "throw himself on the floor with no regard to personal injury" type of tantrum...arms and legs flailing, headbutting the floorboards, screaming the house down.
He doesn't do it very often, but when he does, look out.

He is normally such a sweet natured little guy, with plenty of kisses and cuddles for almost everyone.
He runs around the house non stop, and loves to cuddle the cats. His big sisters torment him by including him in their games, but making him sit in the dolls cot to watch.  

He certainly keeps me busy.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I felt an overwhelming compulsion to blog...and then I realised that I didn't really have much to say.
We have been steadily plodding along here, doing nothing exceptional, getting into a good routine for school and kinder.

Sophia is doing amazingly well at school, we are very proud of her. She is picking up her reading skills very quickly and is enjoying it at the same time. Yesterday she received a gift from a boy in her class, apparently they are going to "have babies together". Hmm!! bit early for that sort of talk.

Charlotte is LOVING Kinder. She asks EVERY SINGLE DAY if she can go to Kinder today...*sigh*. It makes for a very long week. I am bringing home a glut of artwork, lots of paintings of people.

Darcy is slowly improving in his quality of sleep, I consider it a good night when he only wakes 4 times, and an exceptional night when he only wakes twice. Last night was Exceptional.
He is a gorgeous boy, this morning I woke up to masses of kisses from him, they may be open mouthed and sloppy, but they are still beautiful.

I am having a little trouble getting motivated to take photos of my children, which makes me sad because I don't like looking back on my "to edit" folder and finding almost empty months. I want to have photos of the every day, their acheivements, their tantrums, their beautiful faces.

In fact I am having a little trouble getting motivated to do anything. I have a list of sewing projects and craft projects I would like to tackle, I also have a list of "me stuff" that I would like to do now that Darcy is a bit older and more predictable in his routine. As usual the "me" stuff get shoved to the very bottom of the list, and then disappears into the ether. That pesky thing called HOUSEWORK keeps taking up my time. I have thouroughly cleaned out my linen closet and the cupboards in my Laundry. I think I have given about 10 bags of linens and clothes to charity in the past two weeks. WOW!! Declutter central. This is something that makes me feel good and bad at the same time. I am glad to be rid of stuff we no longer need, but I feel bad at all the money it must have cost me at some stage. Our small house is definatley better off for it though.

Well, considering I didn't have much to say I have managed to ramble on quite a bit. Hopefully it wont be so long between blog posts next time.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello...anyone there?

So, I've completely fallen behind with my fifty Two on Fridays surprises there really. The big decision now is, do I try to catch up or do I abandon it? Knowing me, abandon is the way to go. No one reads my blog anyway, so no one is going to call me up on it!

Am almost settled into a routine for school and kinder...getting there. Finding it difficult to tweak Darcys nap time for Friday, because he is normally asleep when I need to drop Charlotte at Kinder, but it's only one day out of seven. It's been nice to have some one on one time with the littlest...and also with Charlotte when Darcy is asleep. We've been doing lots of drawing and talking and cuddling.

Before the sun said goodbye, we called into the shop on our walk home from school on a Friday afternoon and had a little treat. We sat in the front yard of a church while they ate their icecreams and I took these photos. It's nice to just soak up the small moments and not always be rushing to get from one place to the next.

I amlost feel like I am getting back on track, slowly emerging from a not so good place that I have been in since Darcy was tiny. It's still a struggle some days, but I'm having more good days than bad at the moment. Less tears, more smiles.

Looking forward to more of these little treasures...