Monday, April 26, 2010

FOR TODAY...26th of April 2010

Outside My Window...Night has fallen...the crickets are chirping and the moon is shining brightly on my garden full of weeds.

I am thinking...about how many things in our house and on our car are falling apart. Maintenance and feels like we have been on a never ending fixing spree. TV, car door handle, brakes, toilet, light fittings that need rewiring...*sigh*

I am thankful dad, who seems to be able to fix anything...and is usually willing to help us out.

From the kitchen...carrot and coriander soup...full fridge and overflowing pantry...homemade Anzac Biscuits (and they are chewy!!! YUM).

I am wearing...long sleeves, it's so cold today...I complain all summer about the heat and then a cold day hits and I complain about not being able to get warm.

I am creating...still working on that baby quilt...progress is being made slowly but surely.

I am put my feet in front of the heater and watch some television and wait for Mr Pixies to get home from his cricket.

I am reading...Notebook Magazine...some really lovely recipes in this months issue...have already tried 2.

I am get the baby quilt finished before the baby arrives...could be a close call.

I am hearing...Paul McDermott trying to be funny on GNW...bit over it atm,  must get up and change the channel.

Around the house...I still haven't tackled the's a complete disaster area...things just seem to gravitate towards the laundry and get lost in there.

One of my favourite things...when someone really loves something I made...and takes beautiful photos of it. I made a vintage inspired dress for my can see the photos on Our Girly World, my lovely sister in laws blog.

A few plans for the rest of the week...No set plans this week. Hoping to have a quiet one.

A photo to are a big ask at the moment. The camera really hasn't made much of an appearance around here lately. So this is one from back in August of last year.

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend...have a great week.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Swing Incident...

We had a lovely visit to see some family in Sunbury on Saturday morning...even though I got lost about 4 times (damn you google maps for your lack of detail!!!!), and Miss C only got about 20 minutes sleep on the way because I had to stop and read the Melways. We made it eventually and the girls had a wonderful time playing with their cousins. We stayed for lunch and some lovely adult conversation. I thought C would sleep on the way home but no such luck...but at least we didn't have too much complaining.

We got home at around 4 and I sent the girls out to the backyard to play while Mr Pixies and I sat down to relax for a bit...20 minutes later I heard a scream from C that I had never ever heard before...I bolted out the back and there she was sitting on the gound with blood pouring from her head. I immediately put pressure on it and screamed for Mr Pixies. S was hiding because she was scared. We all climbed into the car, dropped S off at her Grans and headed for the hospital.

Long story short...S was swinging on the see-saw swing and C walked behind her...she has a semi circular cut in her head that goes down to the bone...lots and lots of screaming and SIX stitches...we had an amazing triage nurse and a brilliant doctor. The cut is in her hairline so any scar wont be noticeable.

It still makes tears well in my eyes every time I think about it...what if the swing had hit her lower down on the forehead and fractured her skull, or in the eye, or knocked out her teeth...She is incredibly lucky.

This accident hasn't slowed her down any...she's still climbing and getting into everything...she is so much more adventurous than her sister...a real daredevil.

She still managed to pull silly faces at me even with a bandage wrapped around her head...I love her so so much.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...19th of April 2010

Outside My Window...The sun is shining, there is a lovely breeze and my car is sitting fixed and waiting for me to go grocery shopping.

I am thinking...about my strained relationship with my parents. It has been really nice to see my dad again. Twice in the past week. It makes me realise how much I miss them and how much of a defence mechanism I have built up to prevent feeling hurt when they don't visit.

I am thankful for...Miss C not being more hurt than she was in the swing incident. When I think about it my eyes well with tears and I try not to imagine the other possibilities...

From the kitchen...empty fridge...empty cupboards...

I am wearing...jeans and t-shirt, no shoes.

I am creating...a vintage inspired dress for an 8 year old.

I am going...maybe grocery shopping. Miss C is having a late nap...thanks to an eventful morning.

I am reading...the operation manual for our new HUGE Television.

I am hoping...that Mr Pixies isn't mad at me for yelling at him on the phone this morning...I vented my anger and he copped it bad.

I am hearing...Miss C waking up from her nap.

Around the house...the dining table is waiting to be cleaned down again.

One of my favourite things...beautiful photos of my girls...I take it for granted that we have these, when alot of people don't have any...I should be more grateful for my camera and photoshop.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Doctors visits...stitches to be removed...watching Miss C like a my laundry and putting the dryer on top of the washing machine. Nothing exciting...we've had enough "excitement" for one week.

A photo to baby before she got hit in the head with a swing..loving the sunshiney look in these.

That's it for my interrupted daybook...hope everyone has a lovely incident free week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Thankyou for letting me capture this amazing time in your life...The weather was atrocious, the wind was really whipping through, and I'm sure you think I'm a wee bit crazy after our afternoon together, but I think we captured some beautiful shots...I hope you like them.

Cherish the next 6 weeks...hopefully we can capture some more beautiful shots when she arrives.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...12th of April 2010

Outside My Window...It's dark, cold and wet, we've had a very busy day today...

I am thinking...about the mysterious wakefulness of one 16 month old baby...maybe teeth???

I am thankful sister in law loaning me her lens so I could take maternity photos of a friend...does make me really want another lens (pity about the lack of funds)

From the kitchen...pumpkin soup again...didn't roast the pumpkin for long enough and it was a wee bit chunky...still nice though

I am wearing...pj's...Mr Pixies is trying to get the little pixie to sleep and if he doesn't succeed soon I will be going to bed with her for the second night running

I am creating...editing photos from my first ever maternity session

I am going...slowly crazy...remember this...she's doing it again

I am time...slow internet...

I am hoping...that I don't use all the downloads next month...dial up speed is a killer

I am hearing...the sounds of silence, hopefully that means Miss C is going to sleep

Around the looks like a cyclone has hit...operation clean sweep will go into full force tomorrow...if I get any sleep tonight that is

One of my favourite things...can't think of anything at all tonight, too tired and confused

A few plans for the rest of the week...swimming and kinder start again this week...need to get those maternity photos edited and get moving on a baby quilt

A photo to photo this week, can't be bothered waiting for a photo to upload. Interent goes full speed ahead again on Thursday...I may post some photos promises though


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


of Locusts...

I really don't know how we are going to get the bug goo off the front of the car...the locusts where gigantic. Bendigo was swarming with them...I'm really glad we didn't stop there for the Easter parade or lunch. It was extremely busy with people and bugs.

We had a lovely Easter with family at the river...apart from my girls starting the days very very early and one big hissy fit from me...

there was plenty of this to go around...
in fact my girls are just coming down from their sugar a mighty withdrawl crash.
It's NOT pretty.

Didn't take alot of fact I feel like I hardly saw my girls for 3 days...they were well entertained and had free run of the caravan park. Sleeping in a 2 man tent wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...I always manage to underestimate the resilience of Miss C...she did way better than I expected. I had trouble sleeping when I got back to my own bed...too roomy. I doubt I'll feel that way for long. Should really start working on getting the 16 month old into her own bed now.

I missed my Daybook Monday...Was absolutely shattered when we got home after 5 hours on the road.
Will get back to it next week.

Be back with more in a couple of days.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.