Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I have nothing done

I obviously jinxed it by blogging about it...our bedtime was a disaster last night.

This little munchkin...doing her best I am EVIL impression...

decided that it was only nap time when in fact it was bedtime. After just 30 minutes she woke up grumpy, and as usual I gave her the boob to get her back to sleep, but after 20 minutes I was fed up with her banging her legs on the bed, and fidgeting like a tiny she devil. I detached her, she sat up and said "Dadda" GRRRRRR!!!!!! It was at that precise moment that I knew it was futile.
How does she know that it's Friday night and I want to do stuff while Mr Pixies is out doing his own thing????
How can a half hour sleep revive her that much???
She was like the energizer bunny on speed!! She ran around the house yelling at the top of her voice, pushing the toy vacuum around and just being a general terror.
The problem is, she's too cute...she makes me laugh...I can't stay mad at her.

But she was up from 9ish until 1am...yes ONE in the morning.
I tried repeatedly to get her to sleep. I tried at 10, I tried at 11, there was just absolutely no hope.
I wouldn't have minded so much if it had been possibe to actually do something...perhaps a bit of cleaning, or sewing (which I haven't managed to do since I finished all my Christmas projects).
I couldn't even peruse all those wonderful blogs I follow...God forbid I go near the computer...unless I want a tiny bunny trying to climb me and put her hands in my face and pull my hair, I have learned to stay away.

I guess on the plus side, it was nice to spend some time with just her...
Maybe 2010 can be my year of trying to find the positive in every situation!!! yeah right, I'm sure that attitude will last. Where is the positive in a 1 year old screaming because her 3 year old sister pushed her over???
I'd best go deal with that situation now!!

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