Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Swing Incident...

We had a lovely visit to see some family in Sunbury on Saturday morning...even though I got lost about 4 times (damn you google maps for your lack of detail!!!!), and Miss C only got about 20 minutes sleep on the way because I had to stop and read the Melways. We made it eventually and the girls had a wonderful time playing with their cousins. We stayed for lunch and some lovely adult conversation. I thought C would sleep on the way home but no such luck...but at least we didn't have too much complaining.

We got home at around 4 and I sent the girls out to the backyard to play while Mr Pixies and I sat down to relax for a bit...20 minutes later I heard a scream from C that I had never ever heard before...I bolted out the back and there she was sitting on the gound with blood pouring from her head. I immediately put pressure on it and screamed for Mr Pixies. S was hiding because she was scared. We all climbed into the car, dropped S off at her Grans and headed for the hospital.

Long story short...S was swinging on the see-saw swing and C walked behind her...she has a semi circular cut in her head that goes down to the bone...lots and lots of screaming and SIX stitches...we had an amazing triage nurse and a brilliant doctor. The cut is in her hairline so any scar wont be noticeable.

It still makes tears well in my eyes every time I think about it...what if the swing had hit her lower down on the forehead and fractured her skull, or in the eye, or knocked out her teeth...She is incredibly lucky.

This accident hasn't slowed her down any...she's still climbing and getting into everything...she is so much more adventurous than her sister...a real daredevil.

She still managed to pull silly faces at me even with a bandage wrapped around her head...I love her so so much.

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