Monday, April 26, 2010

FOR TODAY...26th of April 2010

Outside My Window...Night has fallen...the crickets are chirping and the moon is shining brightly on my garden full of weeds.

I am thinking...about how many things in our house and on our car are falling apart. Maintenance and feels like we have been on a never ending fixing spree. TV, car door handle, brakes, toilet, light fittings that need rewiring...*sigh*

I am thankful dad, who seems to be able to fix anything...and is usually willing to help us out.

From the kitchen...carrot and coriander soup...full fridge and overflowing pantry...homemade Anzac Biscuits (and they are chewy!!! YUM).

I am wearing...long sleeves, it's so cold today...I complain all summer about the heat and then a cold day hits and I complain about not being able to get warm.

I am creating...still working on that baby quilt...progress is being made slowly but surely.

I am put my feet in front of the heater and watch some television and wait for Mr Pixies to get home from his cricket.

I am reading...Notebook Magazine...some really lovely recipes in this months issue...have already tried 2.

I am get the baby quilt finished before the baby arrives...could be a close call.

I am hearing...Paul McDermott trying to be funny on GNW...bit over it atm,  must get up and change the channel.

Around the house...I still haven't tackled the's a complete disaster area...things just seem to gravitate towards the laundry and get lost in there.

One of my favourite things...when someone really loves something I made...and takes beautiful photos of it. I made a vintage inspired dress for my can see the photos on Our Girly World, my lovely sister in laws blog.

A few plans for the rest of the week...No set plans this week. Hoping to have a quiet one.

A photo to are a big ask at the moment. The camera really hasn't made much of an appearance around here lately. So this is one from back in August of last year.

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend...have a great week.


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