Monday, May 3, 2010

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...3rd of May 2010

Outside My Window...The grass is green and the leaves are falling...I love Autumn, although it is taking me a while to adjust to the cooler weather and the need to have the heater on.

I am thinking...that I am really going to have to start seriously thinking of moving the not so little, little one out of our bed and into her own. It really is becoming a ridiculous situation...she will be 17 months old in 5 more days. NOT GOOD!

I am thankful for...I know I really shouldn't struggle with the why am I? So many little things to be thankful for...just not feeling the love at the moment for some reason.

From the kitchen...I was a bit naughty at the supermarket this morning and bought a little too much junk and overspent...feeling a bit of buyers remorse while I eat my chocolate mint slice biscuit.

I am my feet are cold.

I am many things all at once...unfortunately most of them are only in my head. I want to get my etsy shop up and running but I just can't find the time. Miss C has been a sleeping terror, or should that be non-sleeping terror.

I am buy Miss S a night light. She has developed a sudden fear of the dark, and has been asking her dad to leave the door open so it isn't so dark in her room at bedtime.

I am reading...who has time to read?

I am hoping...that Peanut (our cat) doesn't EVER feel the desire to bring another live mouse into the house...we had to chase it around and throw it out...I guess we should have actually killed it, but it was bad enough having to catch it.

I am hearing...What else would I be hearing except the incessant voice of my firstborn. Some days I wish I could just put some earplugs in and take a break. Love her to bits, but she could talk the leg off an iron pot.  

Around the house...Half finished projects...barely started projects...desperately need to be started projects. Do I need to say BATHROOM!

One of my favourite things...sesame prawn toasts...YUM!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...I need to send the girls shopping with Mr Pixies to buy Mothers Day presents. Ring the plumber about getting a new toilet. Paint the sheet of MDF I bought to make a chalkboard with. Make some stuff for etsy. List said stuff on etsy. sigh...

A photo to share...hmmm! still no recent photos...what am I doing with my days?
These little guys are from Easter...made for my girls using a tutorial from Revoluzza.
I never expected them to become absolute favourites...but they are. They go almost everywhere with my girls. The blue one has even been to the hospital with Miss C to watch her have stitches put in...I think he's slightly traumatised by the whole experience.
They are certainly not looking so pristine now, what with Easter chocolate and blood and dirt...must be almost time for them to have a bath...and they have been loaned some dresses...they do look awfully cute in them...

Hope everyone has a fruitful week...Be back next Monday...perhaps sooner, no guarantees!


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