Monday, May 17, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Dark, Cold...

I am thinking...that I should put a jumper on...I'm really cold, but the kidlet is asleep in our bed as usual and I don't want to disturb her...could be a fatal error.

I am thankful for...the fact that I managed to get tickets to Metallica's Death Magnetic tour...not the exact tickets I wanted, but tickets none the less. 

From the kitchen...Bacon, pea and potato soup...and chocolate and chips. Oh and an oven that is driving me up the wall with it's poor reliability.

I am usual.

I am creating...a better looking home...I hope.

I am think about not continuing with daybook monday...I am struggling to think of things to write. In fact this blog could be soon abandoned...

I am reading...I have been avoiding my usual perusal of I'm not reading much at all.

I am hoping...that Miss C's snotty nose doesn't turn into a full blown cold. She struggled to feed tonight and it took some time to get her to go to sleep. No fun.

I am hearing...Politicians arguing on my television. It's not interesting enough to attract my full attention, but not so bad that I want to get up and change the channel.

Around the house...We have had a few changes...moved some furniture, bought some new furniture...I'm quite pleased with how it looks...just need a new lounge suite now.

One of my favourite things...Having an afternnon nap with C, while S watches a dvd.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Swimming on Wednesday, I need to get out of town for a day trip, am feeling a bit restless.

A photo to share...
I'm not exactly sure what they are watching here...but it's so nice to see them spending some quiet time together...and gives me the slightest of breaks.

Hope everyone has a lovely week...until next Monday.



  1. Oh No!! Don't stop your blog. I love looking at it every week. I promise to leave more comments!! Kathryn.

  2. Oh no, do not stop posting. I love your pictures and your words are sincere and very beautiful. Do not stop, please! /Júlia

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