Monday, May 24, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Grey skies, wet ground, fallen leaves

I am thinking...that I really should stop my children climbing on their fathers desk...but they seem to be having so much fun, they can't hurt anything and they are keeping out of my hair while I do this blog entry.
I am thankful for...early nights, also known here as the reverse sleep in.

From the kitchen...The most delicious party pies EVER!! The first fundraiser from my daughters kinder that has been worthwhile for me.

I am a common occurrence for me.

I am creating...a card for the proud parents of a baby girl, born Saturday night. I just knew the baby would arrive before her quilt was finished...what can I excuses, just been a little slack lately. It's very close...

I am visit above mentioned new baby girl tonight...can't wait to meet her.

I am reading...I'm not reading (excepting of course the more than occasional story book for the pixies)...too tired to read.

I am hoping...that my sewing mojo returns very soon...I have so many projects that need to be finished and many thought knocking on my head trying to escape, unable to find release.

I am hearing...Thomas the Tank Engine...sigh...I am waiting for the day when I can play some music that I want to listen to.

Around the house...ughh!! mess. I've had an atrocious head cold since Wednesday...thanks to to the littlest pixie...feeling completely drained and unable to even contemplate the housework...poor Mr Pixies comes home to a disaster zone every night.

One of my favourite things...catching up with friends...we don't get to do that nearly as often as I would like these days...we all have our own lives and it's difficult to coordinate schedules...but it's worth it when it happens.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish that quilt (absolute priority), dentist checkup (ughh!!!), ring the gas fitter about my on again off again oven (frustrating), taking the girls to Happy Jacks (I'm sure they'll LOVE it), try to get enough rest to get over this damn head cold that is bugging me. 

A photo to share... Can you believe this "baby" will be 18 months old in 2 weeks?
  Well that's another daybook they continue at least for this week.
It's really become a habit now and I will probably keep going with it for a while yet. It is however the only blogging I seem to be doing. Perhaps due to a serious lack of good photos to share...It seems that ALL my creative mojo has left the building. Very Sad!!
Hope everyone else has a productive week...I'll be back next Monday with more completely boring information about my life :)

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