Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Nanna B

My Nanna turned 90 last Friday...we had a little get together for her. Just close family.
I think she was wondering what all the fuss was about...and looked like she really wanted to be at home curled up in a comfy chair.

I am ashamed to say that I have lost touch with her and the rest of the family in recent years...I haven't really taken the time to visit her and I know that I should really make the effort.

I haven't been to my grandparents house since my Pa passed away just over 5 years ago...I half expected to see him walk in the door at the Party on Saturday...I miss him more with each passing year.
It saddens me that my girls never got the opportunity to meet him. I have so many great memories of him from my childhood...he was a hardworking man and a fun Grandfather.
I remember games of cricket in the backyard, the smell of his shed ( a mixture of oil and dirt floor), his homegrown veggies...how he always took me down to the garden to pick veggies (especially peas, my favourite) to take home with me whenever I visited.
I remember my Nanna making us cheese and tomato sandwiches and tall glasses of Activite. Nut Loaf and Milo biscuits, popping snapdragons in the garden along the driveway and her trying to teach me to play the piano...without success.
I remember sitting around the laminex table in the dining room and wandering out to the shed to see Pa's vintage engines working...yabbying in the dams, watching while the sheep were shorn

Time passes...you get caught up in your own life and your own family and your own struggles. You lose track of the years and before you know it 5 years have passed...and your Nanna turns 90.

Happy Birthday Nanna B


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