Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it Monday again already...Daybook

FOR TODAY...10th of May 2010

Outside My Window...Is my desperate need of a wash and vacuum. No matter how many times I say the kids aren't allowed to eat in the car, inevitably they do...and they ALWAYS make a mess...that's the nature of children I guess.

I am thinking...that I should have taken photos yesterday on Mothers Day...again no photos of the girls and I together...will have to put the camera remote to use soon.

I am thankful for...little sleep ins...8:15 is so much better than 6:00. I almost feel alive today. Pity I didn't get a sleep in for Mothers Day yesterday...but I knew it was never going to happen.

From the kitchen...Possibly an orange and almond cake...I got a new cookbook for Mothers Day, and I'm itching to make something...It seems like the least labour intensive at the moment.

I am oldest and comfiest pair of track pants.

I am creating...a curry from scratch later in the week...wish me luck finding the ingredients in this town.

I am go and eat a chocolate brownie as soon as I finish this post...who cares!

I am reading...Food Safari by Maeve O'Meara...notice a theme here.

I am get the the Mill Market sometime this week...have been trying to get there for about 3 weeks now...I am after some vintage linens.

I am hearing...Dirt Girl World...a show which really freaks me out for some reason...I know it has a great message and all, but Dirt Girl and Grubby are just WAY too enthusiastic for my liking.

Around the house...C is asleep, S is watching TV...the cats are asleep and the clock is ticking.

One of my favourite things...Chocolate Brownie...which obviously couldn't wait until I finished this post...why have all my favourite things been food for the last 3 weeks?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Some child free time on Wednesday morning, hopefully. Continue to search for a new low line TV unit that we both like. Visitors coming on Saturday for lunch.

A photo to share...
She thought her frizzy pigtails where so cool that they warranted a photo...


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