Monday, April 12, 2010

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...12th of April 2010

Outside My Window...It's dark, cold and wet, we've had a very busy day today...

I am thinking...about the mysterious wakefulness of one 16 month old baby...maybe teeth???

I am thankful sister in law loaning me her lens so I could take maternity photos of a friend...does make me really want another lens (pity about the lack of funds)

From the kitchen...pumpkin soup again...didn't roast the pumpkin for long enough and it was a wee bit chunky...still nice though

I am wearing...pj's...Mr Pixies is trying to get the little pixie to sleep and if he doesn't succeed soon I will be going to bed with her for the second night running

I am creating...editing photos from my first ever maternity session

I am going...slowly crazy...remember this...she's doing it again

I am time...slow internet...

I am hoping...that I don't use all the downloads next month...dial up speed is a killer

I am hearing...the sounds of silence, hopefully that means Miss C is going to sleep

Around the looks like a cyclone has hit...operation clean sweep will go into full force tomorrow...if I get any sleep tonight that is

One of my favourite things...can't think of anything at all tonight, too tired and confused

A few plans for the rest of the week...swimming and kinder start again this week...need to get those maternity photos edited and get moving on a baby quilt

A photo to photo this week, can't be bothered waiting for a photo to upload. Interent goes full speed ahead again on Thursday...I may post some photos promises though


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