Friday, February 17, 2012

Shin Dig

 As you know, the little man turned ONE not so long ago.
We had a little gathering (I wasn't up for a full blown, invite the entire neighbourhood type deal...just after Christmas and around the Australia Day Holiday and an exhausted sleep deprived Mumma doesn't make for an enthusiastic party planner!!). Please accept my aplogies if I have offended.

So with just close family and a few friends we headed up to the park for a little celebration. It was HOT. It was MUGGY...I HATE that sort of weather.We did the best we could though.

Big hit of the day where the icy poles, thankyou to Nanna:)

Thank goodness also for Celeste who remembered to bring her camera and was good enough to get some shots of the party. Guess who forgot to charge her camera battery?? Scatterbrained Mumma, that's who. Some found it amusing (Mr Pixies)...Humpf!!

That's the last first birthday party I will be planning...bring on girly parties with school friends I guess.

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  1. Photos came up great! Think we might have to frame the one of Nana and Darcy!