Friday, December 3, 2010

This Does Not A Merry Christmas Make...

So Mr Pixies had a little accident last week!! He's fine. The car is not.
I am truly thankful that it is still driveable, thanks to the lovely addition of 100 mile an hour tape (put on by a heavily pregnant me...with much grunting and puffing). We can't get in to the insurance to have it assessed until the 8th of December, which means it's highly unlikely to be repaired before the New Year. I have this overwhelming feeling that I will go into labour while we are carless. Note to self!! Take out the extra insurance to get a hire car.
So this means, because Mr Pixies was at fault (unfortunately sliding on a wet road into a roundabout and into the path of another car) we are down $450. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Looks like we will be scaling back our Christmas present list.

Why on earth do these things happen before Christmas?
Why do all the utility companies insist on sending bills that are all due in the 2 weeks before Christmas?
Why does my dentist tell me I need a filling...another $200.
It's a conspiracy I'm sure!!
At least the insurance company are nice enough to allow us to pay the excess after the car is repaired.

Hope you are having a better week than I am!!

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