Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad Blogger

This blog has been so neglected in the past 8 months or, and not necessarily because I don't have anything to share, but just because other things have been taking my time...like naps and housework avoidance...which is where I sit down and look at everything that needs to be done and then don't do it.

I have been counting down to different things since May...Metallica concert, C's 2nd Birthday, Christmas, I think it is all serious denial about baby number 3 arriving.

Two weekends ago we were struck down by the dreaded gastro...S had it Saturday night, this is her on Sunday afternoon catching up on some much needed sleep...if only this would happen more often (NOT the gastro, of course...the nap). Then Mr Pixies was up ALL night Sunday and C started throwing up early Monday morning. I managed to avoid the worst of it, although I spent a good 3 hours at the hospital hooked up to CTG machine after vomiting and having abdo pain. Baby is fine...Mummy may have been a little hungry after avoiding food in the fear that it would inevitably be coming up again. Feel a bit silly really.

So thankful that it didn't strike this weekend...We have been waiting 6 months to see Metallica in concert. Being 32 weeks pregnant certainly wasn't going to stop me from going...gastro and early labour may well have though.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Metallicas final show on their 2 and a half year Death Magnetic tour. Our hotel was only a 10 minute walk from the venue and the weather was perfect. Sadly it was no SLR cameras in the venue...but below are a couple of shots from our balcony, on the 9th floor.

I stood for just over 2 hours (with my shoes off)...we were way up in the stands but we still had a fantastic view and the sound was amazing...could have done without the 2 support acts....definitely not my cup of tea (Baroness sludge metal followed by Lamb of God groove metal, neither of which I could understand a word of).  James promised that it wouldn't be their last concert ever...so I live in hope that I will see them again (as a non pregnant 40 something) the baby slept through most of the concert, only waking up for the last half hour and the walk back to the hotel, turning some very painful somersaults that stopped me in my tracks at times. 
The two pixies spent the night at their Gran and Grumbles...first sleepover since last December. All went well with them.

Now begins the countdown to this ones 2nd birthday...in 15 days. I have nothing organised, no birthday presents bought or made. Better get my butt into gear.

Same goes for Christmas...I am starting to get very nervous with the appearance of Christmas decorations.

Just a little update of our goings on...hopefully I will blog again before this baby is due...8 weeks and counting.

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  1. Glad you had a good time - and bubs too! Jem only just pst the illness today. Now I have sore throat and chills..Sigh xx