Monday, January 10, 2011

False Start

Saturday Morning... that a contraction...sure feels like it!
3:05am...hmmm, another one.

I had steady contractions every 5 minutes for a good 2 hours.
I was nervous considering how quickly C arrived, and everyone had told me to move to the hospital I rang them and was told to come in.

5am...we woke the 2 pixies up and drove over to Gran and Grumbles to drop them off, where they promptly went back to bed.
5:10am...arrived at the hospital, baby's position and heartbeat checked, still contracting...
changed into something more comfortable to labour in...

contractions stopped
then started
then stopped

6am...I ask to go home

7:30am...contractions continue to be erratic...I'm allowed to go home and see what happens.

Go home, have some brekkie, a warm shower, sit down for a bit.
Still getting the occasional contraction.
Try to get some sleep. the  hospital to let them know that we probably won't be back...things are mostly at a standstill.

Disappointed, but at the same time relieved.
I'm still not mentally ready for the arrival of this little man.

No contractions (except the Braxton Hicks variety) since about 7pm on Saturday night.

Back to the waiting game.
I have alot that I want to get done, but I know that I really can't do much of it with a huge belly.
I am calm...

Taken at the hospital...7am
38weeks 4days

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