Friday, August 5, 2011

He's half a year old!

Here's my cheeky little boy...
we had a little bit of a photo shoot to commemorate him turning six months old.
It didn't go so well, he wouldn't play nice...this is the best...
oh well!! that is the story of our lives at the moment.

At six months he is:
sitting up unassisted and rarely falling
reaching forward to get onto his tummy...and then protesting very loudly that he can't move any further
grabbing everything within reach and putting it in his mouth (including my toes)
biting the boob that feeds him (no teeth yet though)
a very very happy little soul...lots of giggles and smiles
a big mummy sook
trying to climb me
eating solids like a machine
sleeping in our bed, or should that be keeping us awake in our bed
waking lots and lots during the night
dropping back to two daytime sleeps
drooling less
"talking" very loudly and alot
putting his arms out for me (and sometimes others)
sitting up in a supermarket trolley (usually loves this)
still being swaddled
showing intense excitement at new toys and familiar people
loving to pat the cats (even the mean one)
weighing seven and a half kilos
and is 66cm long

Gorgeous much like Miss C...looks and temperament...and sleeping trouble...oh no!!! we are in for some interesting times.
It doesn't last forever though...
Enjoying my last baby while he is still a baby...
LOVE him.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Me tinks I need to photograpg my boy on your floorboards - looks cool!
    See you tomorrow!