Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nine Months

So I've been MIA for quite a while now...bathroom renovation totally to blame for that one. It's a time sapper, and an energy sapper, and a sanity sapper. It's functional now, with just a few bits and pieces to finish off. I still have to patch the walls and paint, but I have been avoiding the bathroom like the plague except to have a lovely hot this rate it might be finished before Christmas. HA!!

In the midst of all the chaos this little boy turned nine months old...and now I have to say "It's totally crazy trying to renovate with an eight nine month old".
He has the sweetest dispostion...lots of smiling, lots of giggling. He gives the best cuddles. He will crawl up to me and lay his head on my shoulder or leg...cute, heart melting.
He has the crawl totally mastered now and has been pulling himself up on the furniture and cruising around for a good month. It's a constant battle to keep him out of trouble...he pulled a timber frame over on himself two days ago and squished his pinkie finger...which is now black. Ouch!! We have far too many stairs in our house...not a huge staircase, but steps at the back and at the front and into my sewing room.
He Loves the sound of his own voice...mamma, dadda, pa, and I swear he said hot today.
He has just recovered from a 3 day fever caused by an ear infection...certainly gave me an appreciation for how happy he normally is when he was so miserable for a week.
Day time sleeps have certainly been an area of great improvement...2 naps, usually one hour in the morning and two in the afternoon. Night time sleeps...don't ask!!
Look at those crazy curls...he totally looks like his Pa now...
He amazes me every single day...

Will blog about the bathroom renovation soon!!


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