Monday, August 13, 2012


We have been down with the flu for what seems like an eternity here. I still have a sinus's been three weeks now. I just can't seem to kick it, but the kids are finally snot free and no longer coughing. Yay!!

In the midst of all the sickness, we decided for our own sanity to try and get out of the house. So when the weather looked promising on Sunday morning, we jumped into the car and headed out to Daylesford for some lunch at the lake.
Good intentions...not so good result.
The closer we got to Daylesford, the thicker the cloud cover became. Darcy fell asleep 5 minutes from town, it was flat out in town and parking was at a premium. We finally managed to get some lunch and headed down to the lake.
Darcy woke up after only 15 minutes sleep.
We exited the car to realise that the breeze coming off the lake was frigid. We shivered through our food and then went to give the ducks some nutritionally poor flatbread.
It was cold.
 Charlotte wanted to eat the bread, and screamed when she realised there was only one piece left. Two gigantic geese with teeth chased the black swans away from us, very intimidating they were. The girls went on the playground, but lasted only 5 minutes before they came out saying it was boring. Charlotte was shivering out of her skin, so we call it a day and got back into the warm car and headed for home.
Maybe we will return when the weather is guaranteed to be kinder.

Looking forward to some Spring weather, with desperation actually. Dreaming of twenty degree days and sunshine...and an end to flu season.

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