Friday, December 21, 2012


She fell off her scooter a week ago...
She has a buckle fracture of her right wrist...
It was about 4.30 on Friday afternoon last week when I heard a scream from her, not an unusual occurrence...she ran inside telling me she had fallen off her scooter and landed on her arm.
I gave her 5 minutes to calm down while I held her and then we talked about going to the hospital. I rang her Dad and told him to meet us there after work.
We went straight into triage, where they gave her a dose of panadol, and then off we went to x-ray. Looked like we were in for a long wait, the ER was full of people. She found one of her school friends. They went off to the playground.
She was throwing cushions around, being silly, not in any apparent pain. After an hour I was fed up and told her we were leaving. She agreed.
We headed over to "that Scottish restaurant" for dinner. She hurt it again on the playground there, so we went home so she could sit calmly for a while.
She seemed fine on Saturday morning. No complaints. We packed her off for a sleepover at her Gran and Grumbles that night.
Sunday morning she complained that her wrist was still sore. It was swollen and her fingers were fat. Off we went to the ER again. Only 2 people waiting this time.
The doctor came out to us, I told her we already had x-rays done. She went off to review them. I was confident she would come back and say it was just a sprain.
Another half hour and the doctor came back to tell me that it was indeed broken.
I felt horrendous. I had failed my daughter.
She was fitted with a fibreglass slab and a bandage. She needs to wear it for 3 to 4 weeks.
We have a appointment on Christmas Eve with the Orthopedic Surgeon to make sure it is healing properly.
She has coped quite will with it so far. In fact I don't think it has restricted her much at all. Except that she maybe splashes less in the bath.
It's a good thing that school has finished, it being her right arm and all.
It's so difficult to know when she is being genuine, and I feel bad that I didn't trust her enough to stay at the ER and wait for the x-ray results. Live and learn I guess.

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