Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So We Did It...Finally

With much planning and preparation and keeping of secrets.

We had a lovely intimate ceremony on my Nans property, under a tree. We had immediate family and two of our very best friends there to witness our marriage. We had a small afternoon tea at a local cafĂ©. We had 3 days away, without the pixies. It was just how we wanted it. Minimum of stress, minimum of fuss.
It was so very difficult at times to not be able to share the secret. To talk about it with someone other than the few who knew would have been a relief. I told lots of strangers, and no doubt bored my boss and co workers half to death with the details.
We invited family and friends to lunch three weeks later. I think that was possibly more work than the wedding itself. I prepared and cooked and cooked and cooked. The sun shone for us both days. Our families were gracious and no one appeared too upset that we didn't include them in the ceremony. Our families where also very generous, I wasn't expecting gifts, but we received many, with great thanks. 
I think everyone was just happy that we had finally gotten married...it's been a long time coming.
A big thank you to Celeste for taking our photos on the day. You can see more photos here, if you haven't already seen them.
A big thank you also to our parents...this would not have been possible without you all.
And thank you to my husband and my wonderful children. Things have been crazy, I know I am a control freak, things can go back to normal now...love you guys.


  1. You have some beautiful photos of your special day! I think if your family and friends know you well enough NOONE should be upset they weren't able to be at the wedding. It was how you wanted your day to be (and it is YOUR day - not ours!) We are all just happy you had such a beautiful wedding :) Congratulations again! Kathryn.

    1. Thank You Kathryn, that's very sweet of you to say. It was lovely to see you and your gorgeous family again. Cindy xx

  2. Congratulations! You look stunning and I wish you many happy memories together to fill the future. PS - Your photo's are amazing!