Friday, December 4, 2009

She's Walking...

Miss C will be ONE on Tuesday...
No photos yet...but she's walking.
She looks like a drunk sailor...but she's walking.

I managed to disassemble this...

and fix the problem.
A bent AF/MF switch. Put it back to together and it was working...still sounded a bit clunky though.
Took some photos and then it just suddenly lost communication with the camera. Then the lens assembly fell out of the front of the camera. The main flex cable tore...So pissed.
I've googled looking for one but no joy!! Am thinking of emailing Canon to see if I can get one and have a go at soldering it in myself...what have I got to lose (depending on how much they want for a flex cable I guess).

Managed to take these... 

Am really quite bummed about the lens.


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