Monday, July 11, 2011

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...11th of July 2011

Outside My Window...My neighbour warming up his stupid WRX...It makes my windows shake, and he insists on letting it sit and run for at least 5 minutes before he drives it all times of the day and night...multiple times a day.

I am thinking...That my kids have WAY TOO MANY clothes...the washing basket is full within half a day of doing all the washing...and the clothes sure aren't mine (I am lacking in clothes at the moment)

I am thankful heater...although affording the gas to run it could become an issue before too long...Thanks Joolya!!

From the kitchen...Homemade baby food...I never in a million years would have thought I would be giving my baby boy solids before six months...but he's a hungry one. Opens his mouth for the spoon like a hungry little bird. I can tell by the pitch of his grumpy squealing when he is wanting solid food...he's growing up too fast, can't we freeze time? PLEASE??

I am wearing...Moccasins on my feet...I'm allowed to be a westie in my own feet are warm, it's not like I'm going to wear them to the supermarket or anything.

I am creating...a much tidier sewing room

I am try and get to Geelong one day this week...doesn't seem likely at this stage.

I am hearing...The Sound of Music...again.

Around the sleeping, C watching DVD, S practicing her writing, washing put away at last, dishwasher waiting for me, cats being weird??

One of my favourite things...putting my feet in the heater at night and reading the days paper brought home  from work by Mr Pixies.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Stay sane with Kinder holidays on...

A photo to share...Just what I have most recently photographed...for Mr Pixies, to go on ebay...not this particular shot, this one I took for me...weird I know

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  1. Yes...definitely wierd!!! Want to catch up Thurs maybe??