Monday, July 4, 2011

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...4th of July 2011

Outside My Window...Grey skies, then sunshine, then grey skies...this is Ballarat.

I am thinking...hello is there anybody out there??

I am thankful for...a sleeping baby.

From the kitchen...Homemade Pumpking Soup...pumkpin currently roasting in my now working oven ($300 later). I don't think a day has gone by since the oven was repaired that I haven't used it.

I am wearing...something comfortable.

I am creating...I have been drafting patterns and cutting out fabric...but it's so bloody freezing in my sewing room I wouldn't even dream of venturing out there at the moment.

I am stop wasting so much time on facebook this hour goes by in the blink of an eye...wish I'd never joined back up. Of course I could delete my account.

I am get some more photos up in frames and onto the wall. I have a ridiculous amount of frames in my buffet and almost bare walls. Just need to find the time to sort out what I want on the walls.

I am hearing...Miss C pretending to be an elephant...totally annoying, but cute at the same time, how it doesn't wake the baby up I don't know.

Around the house...clothes all washed, folded and put in there appropriate almost standard lamp in the lounge room...TV on ABC4kids (so what's new)...heater going...
curtains closed against the chill.

One of my favourite things...Listening to Miss 5 talk about something she is excited about...her facial expressions and her tone of voice almost remind me of what it is like to be young and remind me to find wonder in the small things.

A few plans for the rest of the week...No Kinder, make playdough and pikelets and do some paintings with the pixies. Try to wramgle some time for myself. Photograph some stuff to list on eBay. Meet my Mum for a coffee.

A photo to share...a little cliche, and he's a bit old now...but I still had the fluff from his newborn photo shoot and I never got any of the basket photos that I here we are...a "baby" in a basket.

Have a good week...if there's anybody out there actually reading :)


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  1. Hi! I'm here and always reading! Loving him in the basket by the way! Too old for a ten month old you think???