Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Six Sweetpea!!

This sweet girl turned SIX on the 26th of June...I know I'm a bit slack in posting.
Wasn't prepared for the crazy birthday party competition with Prep Mums, so we decided to forgoe the party this year. A little morning tea cake celebration at Gran and Grumbles with her cousins, was deemed satisfactory.

Her birthday was on a Tuesday, so she had chocolate cupcakes at school. It was strange not to spend her birthday with her.
Nanna and Pa came to visit after school. Her birthday present from them was a little torturous (for ME not her). Anxious I was. She had her ears pierced finally...she's only been asking since she was four!
She was amazingly calm...barely even flinched.
Gran and Grumbles also visited after school bearing gifts.
She also finally got the DS she has been asking for...much smurfanallia...some clothes and books.
One very happy and exhausted SIX year old.


  1. She looks so sweet! Holes in the ears is just the first step! hehehe

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