Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Pillow Pretties

I've been busy sewing...

This one was a small version at 40cm x 20cm for another of Sophias school friends.

Going back to my original format...including a little detail in the hand stitched hearts. This one is 60cm x 30cm. I think the bigger size makes for more of a statement piece. It looks great on a bed.

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood...Sophia is playing the title role in a little school's really only a bit part, no speaking...but I offered to make the costume to take a load off her teacher. I love it...thankyou to fleecefun for the fabulous and super easy pattern. The only alterations I made where to line the entire cape and take the shoulders in slightly for my small framed girl.
I think if I ever make another, I will use a contrasting lining...perhaps black, perhaps white??


  1. The cape looks awesome! Sophia is so lucky to have such a clever Mummy!

  2. oh my goodness, little red riding hood! how adorable! she will do an amazing job! loving those pillow cases.
    xo TJ

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