Friday, January 18, 2013

Check Out Those Eyelashes!

In just five more days this little guy will be two years old.
He is in the process of giving up some of  his daytime sleeps, so when he asked to go to bed I took the opportunity to sneak in and take some quick photos while he dreamed. This will probably be my last opportunity.
He is growing up way too fast.
His vocabulary is expanding every single day...
"I don't know" is one of his fave phrases, along with "me a bit"...especially when it pertains to anything food related.
 Booby, Dwink, Eat, Bed, Barbie, Don't Do That, Apple, Bath, iPhone, Out, Up, Me Too, Top Bunk,
Daddy at Work...the list goes on, including all the obvious words like Mum, Dad, Phia, and he can even say Charlotte.
He is still a co sleeping, breastfeeding mummy's boy.
An absolute bed hog, I often wake in the night to find myself with my legs in the bed and my upper body in the cot, very uncomfortable to say the least.
He wants to eat constantly...that is no exaggeration. He grabs me by the hand or beckons me towards the kitchen and says eat, eat, eat. He is also known to go and help himself to anything in the pantry or the fridge or the freezer. We finally resorted to child locks, which he still sometimes manages to circumvent.
He loves loves loves to snuggle. I adores it when he climbs up on my lap and leans right into me, when he wraps his chubby little arms around my neck and lays his head on my chest. He supplies masses of unprompted kisses, and says "I Love You"...gorgeous boy.
His curls are coming  back, especially in the hot weather when he sweats...but he also has the cutest little waves at the front. His hair is also starting to darken's not the pure white that it used to be.
He injures himself so much more than the girls ever did...he chipped a front tooth. Unfortunately we have to live with that. Thank goodness its a baby tooth.
He loves to have a bath, or a shower.
He loves to torment his sisters.
He loves when Daddy gets home from work, and is excited every time.
Oh! and he loves nail polish and lipstick and makeup...guess that is unavoidable when you have big sisters :)
He's my blonde haired, blue eyed, Velcro him, love these photos.

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