Thursday, March 14, 2013


I officially declared last long weekend "a family weekend"..
To spend some time together, the five of us, doing fun stuff and enjoying each others company.
We went to a flea market and bought apples
We went to the playground and had a lunch of fish and chips on the grass
We played on the playground some more
We went home and beat the heat by playing under the sprinkler in the backyard
We headed off for a drive the next day and found ourselves in Maryborough
We did a spot of shopping
We bought ourselves some food for a picnic lunch
We slathered ourselves in sunscreen
We hung out by the lake and ate
We played on another playground
We fed the ducks and geese our leftovers
We didn't argue
We didn't yell
We enjoyed each others company
We had an icecream in the gardens
We drove home
It was crazy hot
We had a great time

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