Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not doing so well...

with the 365. True, I have taken a photo a day for a week...but I haven't really challenged myself. The idea is to push your limits, do something new. As it stands at the moment I'm just plodding along with it. In fact it usually gets to 5 in the afternoon and I think Oh! I have to take a photo. So here are 5, 6 and 7. The photo of the town hall clock was taken as I waited for my man to finish work. The hand in the grass was one of those oh crap photos (an almost 10 month old exploring the grass is fun though)...and the photo of Peanut I love..she was really playing up to the camera. In fact Peanut has been quite strange lately. She has never really been a cuddly cat, but for the past 2 weeks she has been wanting to sleep on me and she's pawing at me...maybe it's spring.
I think I'll head down to the roadworks in our street for a walk with the girls and take todays photo down there. Our street is blocked off in one direction while they construct a roundabout. Which isn't so bad, but someone in their infinite wisdom decided it would be a good idea to have roadworks on the main street past our house as well. As a consequence of this we have had hundreds of cars...and that's no exaggeration...turning our corner, realising they can't get through and then doing  a u-turn, quite often with a squeal of tyres (frustrating and irritating). On an up note...I finished the 21st dress I was working on and it's gone to it's new owner, to be worn this Saturday. I have also finished the cushions I was working on for birthday presents...hopefully I can find the time to make a cute little ruby doll to go with each of them (twins) by Thursday.

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