Monday, February 22, 2010

FOR TODAY... 22nd February 2010

Outside My Window...the sky is blue and the road is noisy with school traffic zooming past.

I am thinking...about too many things all at once. My head is a jumble of noise.

I am thankful for...Summer being almost over, I don’t like the hot weather.

From the kitchen...I have an oven that doesn’t like the hot weather, and when we have consecutive hot days it decides to not work.

I am wearing...track pants and a t-shirt, no shoes...but anyone that knows me would know that the no shoes is almost a permanent state.

I am creating...a nice little work space for my girls and I to be creative in.

I am do my grocery shopping this afternoon after Miss C has had a sleep. If we go in the morning we run out of time and she goes to sleep in the car, which isn’t a good situation because then I have to keep driving or she wakes up and won’t go back to sleep in bed.

I am reading...too many craft blogs, using all of my downloads and gleaning a lot of great ideas but not getting anything done of my own.

I am get some sewing done soon.

I am hearing...Playschool on the TV and Miss 3 telling Miss 14 months to “go away”!!

Around the house...dishwasher is running, clothes are washed and folded.

One of my favourite things...Laying down to breastfeed the 2nd Pixie for her daytime nap, and having a little snooze myself.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...I don’t think I should make plans anymore, they never come to fruition.

A photo to share...
after Kinder treat


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