Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Agony...

I am currently suffering through a bout of mastitis.
It came as a huge shock to the system having never suffered it before.
I thought I had just done too much housework, leading to aching joints and a huge headache. Then I took my temperature...38.5C is not good.
So I've been to the hospital and had some IV antibiotics and my temp has broken at last.
I suffered through an atrociously hot night with a temp of 39C laying in a pool of perspiration, alternating with the chills.

So I was hoping to take a photo a day of my new little man...but the mastitis has thrown a spanner in the works. I've been barely able to function for 2 days let alone take photos. Shame really...he's growing and changing so quickly already.

Little Miss C has her nose totally out of joint with the arrival of Mr D...she only slept from 8pm til midnight on Sunday night! She spent the rest of the night wandering in and out of our room, she curled up at my feet and slept for 45 minutes, had a huge tantrum and then eventually sat in the lounge and watched tv. She managed to keep going all day with only a half hour sleep on my dads lap in the afternoon. She always has been a wakeful child...but this was just too much.

So it isn't the newborn that is causing us lack of sleep...it's the 2 year old miss.

Because I can't post without a photo.
These were taken a week before DS was born...a special treat for the girls (and me of course)...icecream with cookie dough...YUM

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