Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who's That Girl

Who is this quite well behaved little girl????
This is a new incarnation of the 2 year old Pixie that I haven't really witnessed previously.
I'm sure you can guess the reason for this!!

This is the little girl I have while her big sister is at Kinder...of course.

She's pleasant (most of the time) and quiet and loving.
Here she is giving her baby doll a booby feed followed of course by a burp...adorable, and a perfect case of modelling her mama (not too sure about her positioning...that's not where my boobs are!!!) .

I have been getting the little Pixie more opportunities to get involved in tasks that I am undertaking as she is helping me prepare the corn for dinner. It takes a little longer but it's so worth it for the smiles and satisfaction and pride that I can see in her.

It's tough on her having a new baby brother. It's so nice to spend some one on one time with her when I can.

Of course as soon as her sister comes home from Kinder the pleasant nature tends to disappear...and the squealing and arguing returns.

The big Pixie is loving Kinder
Here she is enjoying a special treat after a long day at Kinder...5 hours away from mum is a lot for this 4 year old!!

My big little man...he's 10 pound 5oz at 4 weeks old. Huge shock to the system!! He's growing so fast.
Miss C was the same weight at 8 weeks. He's reached that age where he is more difficult to get off the sleep and likes to cry just for the hell of it...usually just after the girls have gone to bed and I am looking forward to some peace and quiet. Oh well!! It will pass all too quickly.
It's so nice to be able to do a little post...without a baby on me.
He is in bed...asleep!!
It sure beats doing the housework...

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