Monday, February 7, 2011

Not so little

Little Man

at 2 weeks my Velcro boy is 4.1kg (that's 9 pound)
he has also grown 3cm in length...
I shouldn't be surprised really...he is an eating machine

Recovering well from the mastitis...remembering how difficult it is to do a post with a sleeping baby on handed typing slows things down.

These eyes make me so sad...
my smiley girl has gone, to be replaced with a tantrum throwing, often crying, sad 2 year old.
I wish I could give her more time...more cuddles
I wish I could make her understand that I still love her.
I wish things didn't have to change.

This big girl...
 is starting 4 year old Kinder tomorrow 
She is so excited...I'm excited for her.
I'm not so excited about the prospect of early starts...I haven't been out of bed and dressed by 8:45 in a while now. We will adjust...

New and interesting times ahead.

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