Saturday, September 19, 2009

Should I???

I am considering undertaking a 365 photo a day challenge, starting on my 34th birthday. Do I really have the energy?? Certainly not today after only 4 hours sleep. Both of my girls are sick with a cold again and as an added bonus a rash ...what am I doing wrong?? So back to the doctor we have been, and now I am embarking on a dairy free diet for a least a month to try and see if this is a factor in my little one being sick all the time. He also recommended some Inner Health powder, which I have purchased. Now I just need to figure out an efficient way to get a 9 month old to take it...hmmm!!! Not an easy task.

We spent some time enjoying the sunshine yesterday at the Botanical Gardens with one of lifes little pleasures...that's my dairy free lemon gelati that C is tasting there...

and I got to take some photos of the lovely flowers ...bit of a change from the last few years, with the drought we haven't really had any flowers in the gardens. People with cameras everywhere.
I got a little bit initimidated by a guy with a lovely looking rather large lense. I am sooo lusting after a macro lense. Lots of selling on ebay would be in order for that to happen I think.
Anyhow...I will give the 365 challenge some thought and I will work on getting the kids a bit healthier...even the doctor said he doesn't know why she's getting so many colds..."you're doing all the right things!!" doesn't really make me feel any better about it. Obviously breastfeeding isn't the panacea I believed it to be. If giving up milk leads to more sleep and less sickness, then I guess I can forgoe my latte...for the moment, this too shall pass...after all I won't be breastfeeding her forever.

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